As a marketer, email is a beloved channel in your communication toolkit for a reason: it offers an opportunity to personalize, tell stories, and invite conversation with recipients. Just as importantly, it performs, returning an average of $42 for every dollar invested (as any Email Service Provider will remind you).

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our new-and-improved Marketing Campaigns is now generally available, making Twilio SendGrid the best solution to serve all of your email needs. Read on to learn why!

Breaking down email silos and unlocking opportunity

What we’ve learned from marketers like you, through both conversations and broad market studies, is that while you carefully strategize and craft your one-to-many promotional campaigns, announcements, and newsletters, all too often you just don’t have the same opportunity to access and optimize transactional emails (like password receipts or order confirmations) or to get up and running with automated marketing emails.

You tell us you feel like you’re left to settle for doing less with your email program than you’d like to, whether it’s updating templates for transactional emails, or welcoming new signups with a real-time onboarding series. And that’s not good for your business or your recipients.

With the launch of the new Marketing Campaigns, we’re excited to invite you to choose Twilio SendGrid as a single solution for your entire email program, and doing so, finally have the resources you need to bring the same care and attention to every email that’s delivered to your customers’ inboxes. It means no longer leaving half (or more) of conversations with customers unmanaged.

So, what’s new? Automation!

Twilio SendGrid has long provided best-in-class services for transactional email with our Email API, and our modern, intuitive email marketing UI for one-to-many campaigns is well-loved. Our customers can collaborate across marketing and engineering teams, whether they’re working via the API or the user interface, and all trust a single source for statistics, templates, and more.

The game-changer we’re excited to unveil is the addition of our new, uniquely approachable automation offering.

Our internal research revealed that more than half of marketers haven’t yet tackled email automation, and for good reason: it’s been too expensive and too complicated to take on amidst the long list of pressing priorities on your plates. With the new Marketing Campaigns Automation, you can get your first automations up and running in the time it takes to send a typical one-time campaign.

It starts with easy-to-implement triggers you already have in place—a contact joining a list, whether through our new Signup Forms, a simple CSV upload, or API integration. Once you’ve decided when the automation should trigger, building the experience is as simple as choosing how many emails you’d like to include, and at what cadence to send them.


Once live, we make it effortless to keep tabs on your automation by displaying the information you care most about on a single page: performance across key stats like delivery, open, and click rates are prominently displayed for the automation overall as well as on a per-email basis.

As you review per-email performance, it’s simple to reference and tweak subject lines or content on the fly to continue optimizing the series. This means you can take an iterative approach to your automations, which takes the pressure off getting started. It’s a great way to learn into what resonates best with your recipients.

Unlocking perfection with Email Testing

There’s more value to celebrate. New Marketing Campaigns also delivers a new Email Testing feature that you can use to know that your emails are flawless before you send. Email Testing provides inbox rendering previews, powerful spam testing, and link validation all from within your Marketing Campaigns workflow.

Our goal was to eliminate the need for you to send yourself test emails across a multitude of inboxes and devices because it simply isn’t the best use of your time, and in most cases, it isn’t comprehensive. And if you’ve ever sent an email with a broken link, you can imagine what a relief it is to have a systematic way to know not only that your links are valid, but that they’re optimally formatted.

Just as importantly, as a deliverability-first email service provider, we wanted to democratize access to spam filter testing without requiring you to invest in yet another third party tool. All because at the end of the day, a stellar email that doesn’t reach the inbox doesn’t deliver business results. Pre-send testing for the win!

Seize the day (and every email opportunity)

Twilio SendGrid stands apart as an email service provider, empowering customers like Toni Gemayal, Growth Marketing at Figma, to confidently manage their one-to-many campaigns, automated marketing messages, and transactional emails from one solution.

“As a high-tech design collaboration platform, we have an incredibly high bar for user experience across everything we do. Email is no exception. It’s a leading channel for driving our business goals, but it can be complicated to get it right. Twilio SendGird’s new Automation and Email Testing offerings have given us critical tools to meet our high bar. We now know emails will render perfectly across devices and browsers, and have been able to easily take on Automation with modern workflows that are intuitive to manage.”

Marketers, we’re excited to welcome you to the platform already loved by your developers for our industry-leading deliverability. Today’s the day to embrace Twilio SendGrid as your email solution and raise the bar from design to deliverability, across all email you send.

Molly Friederich is a part of the Product Marketing Team at SendGrid. As a passionate customer advocate, her goal is to help understand and represent the user voice across everything SendGrid does.