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Unlock the full potential of email with the right data.



Companies that scale trust twilio SendGrid to deliver results:

Data to guide you

See what's working (and what isn't).

Back your email strategy with the statistics that truly matter.

  • Learn what resonates most with engagement data

  • Protect a path to the inbox with deliverability statistics

  • Get to know your contacts with audience insights


No email “blind spots”

One view of all the email you send.

Get insights about both marketing and transactional email for a 360-degree understanding of your audience’s experience.

  • See actionable data for one-time email campaigns

  • Access ongoing stats for recurring automations

  • Gain visibility into transactional email analytics

Simple reporting

Prove the power of email.

Seeing is believing. Use data to bring results to life and share your performance with teammates and stakeholders.

  • Track data in real-time on insight-rich dashboards

  • Measure and compare sending with category tags

  • Run custom analyses using data exports


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