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Customers trust Twilio SendGrid to deliver:

A better customer experience

Centralize your email communications to get a complete view of the entire customer journey.

  • Align communications across promotional and transactional email

  • Create a seamless experience with uniform template designs

  • Oversee all email through global statistics and activity

  • Manage recipient preferences in one place and make it easier to comply with anti-spam regulations

  • Have a single support team that knows your entire email program

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Collaborate seamlessly

Build an email program that supports cross-team collaboration, from integration and troubleshooting, to design and engagement tracking.

  • Manage templates for marketing and transactional emails through the UI, API, or both

  • Honor opt-outs holistically—54% of customers say they want to be able to opt-out of messages easily

  • Track ROI for email sent via Email API or Marketing Campaigns

  • Manage and organize with categories, subusers, and dedicated IP pools

Industry-leading inbox delivery

Send on the superior email delivery platform and gain access to world-class expert services.

  • Get support from experts dedicated to delivery, compliance, and support

  • Improve your sending reputation on shared and dedicated IPs

  • Benefit from ISP monitoring and outreach

  • Learn sending best practices with consulting services

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Scale your email program

Whether you’re sending hundreds or billions of emails per month, our cloud-based email delivery infrastructure can scale to meet demands.

  • Send without managing and maintaining your own email infrastructure

  • Deliver via our distributed cloud-based email platform for scalability and reliability

  • Meet Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification requirements


Trust that your emails get delivered and your data is safe.


The tools and expertise you need to optimize your inbox delivery rate.


Send on a world-class platform that delivers more than 70 billion emails every month.


Experts can help you optimize your program, troubleshoot, and resolve issues.

24/7 Support

Our support teams can give you information and guidance when you need it most.

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