Proven Email Infrastructure

Choose an email platform architected for reliable delivery at scale.


Consistency you can trust

Purpose-built for your email delivery

Overcome email delivery challenges at scale with our optimized mail transfer agent (MTA) and infrastructure.

  • Rely on our fully redundant hybrid infrastructure designed to keep our cloud platform accessible

  • Navigate the complex email ecosystem with intelligent delivery optimization

  • Grow with SendGrid—we sent 1.3 trillion emails for customers in 2021


Designed for reliability

Email outages are a pain for you and your customers.

Don’t rely on just one cloud region or data center. Our hybrid model with multiple data centers, global inbound edge locations, and formal failover policies ensure availability so your requests always go through.

  • Avoid fire drills with consistent 99.99% uptime SLA available

  • Mitigate risks with proactive maintenance, biweekly swing tests, automated alerts, and more

  • Keep data secure with message encryption, SSO, API keys, 2FA, and anti-phishing protections

Optimized for intelligent delivery

Reaching inboxes is complex.

Trust that your transactional and marketing emails get delivered with intelligent handling, reputation management tools, and industry-leading delivery expertise.

  • Improve your sending reputation with automatic retries, queue optimization, and threat detection

  • Set up easy-to-use tools for SPF, DKIM, link branding, and ReverseDNS

  • Use Email Address Validation, suppression management, and DMARC

  • Upgrade your email with dedicated governance, actionable metrics, and expert consultation


Performance at scale

8.9 billion emails sent on Cyber Monday 2022 with 0 service disruptions

Our MTA delivers emails at an unrivaled scale and manages peaks to ensure top performance at any sending volume.

  • Deliver with infrastructure that processes 134+ billion customer emails monthly

  • Send with benchmark limits of 15k transactions per second, median delivery speeds of 1.9 seconds

  • Peer directly with top recipient mailbox providers including Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, and AOL


Build Something Better

SMTP Service

Send email over our leading cloud-based SMTP service for a quick and easy integration via SMTP relay or our flexible API.

Dynamic Templates

Create and manage email templates with point-to-click HTML rendering and conditional formatting with testing previews—accessed by your API calls.

Email Testing For Dynamic Templates

Test your Dynamic Templates for inbox rendering, link validity, and performance against spam filters.


Trust that your emails get delivered and your data is safe


The tools and expertise you need to optimize your inbox delivery rate.


Send on a world-class platform that delivers more than 90 billion emails every month


Experts can help you optimize your program, troubleshoot, and resolve issues.

24/7 Support

Our support teams can give you information and guidance when you need it most.

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