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curl -X POST \
     -d "api_user=YOUR_USERNAME" \
     -d "api_key=YOUR_KEY" \
     -d "" \
     -d "" \
     -d "subject=Sending with SendGrid is Fun" \
     -d "html=and easy to do anywhere, even with CURL"
// using SendGrid's Node.js Library -
var sendgrid = require("sendgrid")(api_user, api_key);
var email = new sendgrid.Email();
email.setSubject("Sending with SendGrid is Fun");
email.setHtml("and easy to do anywhere, even with Node.js");
# using SendGrid's Ruby Library -
require 'sendgrid-ruby'
sendgrid = api_user, api_key: api_key)
email = do |m|      = ''
  m.from    = ''
  m.subject = 'Sending with SendGrid is Fun'
  m.html    = 'and easy to do anywhere, even with Ruby'
# using SendGrid's Python Library -
import sendgrid
sendgrid = sendgrid.SendGridClient(api_user, api_key)
message = sendgrid.Mail()
message.set_subject("Sending with SendGrid is Fun")
message.set_html("and easy to do anywhere, even with Python")
// using SendGrid's Go Library -
package main
import ("")
func main() {
    sendgrid := sendgrid.NewSendGridClient(api_user, api_key)
    message := sendgrid.NewMail()
    message.SetSubject("Sending with SendGrid is Fun")
    message.SetHTML("and easy to do anywhere, even with Go")
// using SendGrid's PHP Library -
$sendgrid = new SendGrid($api_user, $api_key);
$email    = new SendGrid\Email();
      ->setSubject("Sending with SendGrid is Fun")
      ->setHtml("and easy to do anywhere, even with PHP");
// using SendGrid's Java Library -
import com.sendgrid.*;
public class SendGridExample {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    SendGrid sendgrid = new SendGrid(api_user, api_key);
    SendGrid.Email email = new SendGrid.Email();
    email.setSubject("Sending with SendGrid is Fun");
    email.setHtml("and easy to do anywhere, even with Java");
    SendGrid.Response response = sendgrid.send(email);
// using SendGrid's C# Library -
using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Mail;
using SendGridMail;
using SendGridMail.Transport;
SendGrid mail = SendGrid.GetInstance();
mail.From = new MailAddress("");
mail.Subject = "Sending with SendGrid is Fun";
mail.Text = "and easy to do anywhere, even with C#";
var credentials = new NetworkCredential(api_user, api_key);
var transportWeb = new Web(credentials);
# using SendGrid's Perl Library -
use Mail::SendGrid;
use Mail::SendGrid::Transport::REST;
my $sendgrid = Mail::SendGrid->new(
  from => "",
  to => "",
  subject => "Sending with SendGrid is Fun",
  html => "and easy to do anywhere, even with Perl"
Mail::SendGrid::Transport::REST->new( username => $api_user, password => $api_key );

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