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Build and monitor your email solution on a trusted foundation. Select from a variety of expedited integration options to harness the power of Twilio SendGrid’s cloud-based, proprietary MTA.

  • Rely on globally distributed architecture

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 "category": [
  "filters": {
    "footer": {
          "enable": 1,
          "text/plain": "Thank you for your business"
 "send_at": 1409348513,
  "unique_args": {
    "orderNumber": "12345",
    "eventID": "6789"

SMTP relay services and RESTful APIs

Build exceptional customer experiences.Integrate and deliver in minutes with our RESTful APIs or SMTP relay services. Access comprehensive documentation, open source libraries in 7 languages, and a clear setup flow to help you send right away.

  • Integrate with our feature-rich mail/send API

  • Plug into our SMTP relay service for standardized sending

  • Enrich your SMTP relay sending with our SMTP API

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Our support team is ready to help at a moment’s notice. Whether you have a question or need some handholding, trust our team to get you up and sending in no time.

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  • Robust documentation for self-service


Build better emails

Dynamic Templates

Email templates with HTML rendering and conditional formatting with testing previews—accessed by your API calls.

Email Validation API

Get results in real time to catch address typos in-form, bounce fewer emails and improve your sending reputation.

Email Testing for Dynamic Templates

Test for inbox rendering, link validity, and performance against spam filters.


Trust that your emails get delivered and your data is safe


The tools and expertise you need to optimize your inbox delivery rate.


Send on a world-class platform that delivers more than 148 billion emails every month.


Experts can help you optimize your program, troubleshoot, and resolve issues.

24/7 Support

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