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Companies that scale trust twilio SendGrid to deliver results:

Connect at scale

Build meaningful relationships.

With Automation, you can create personalized experiences, tell stories, and invite conversations in a way that’s scalable and relevant.

  • Create a warm welcome with an onboarding series

  • Nurture attendees ahead of an event

  • Follow up with leads who interact with content


Get started now

Automation is within reach.

Use automation triggers you already have in place to set up personalized email marketing automations in the time it takes to develop your usual one-to-many campaigns.

  • Skip complex integrations and enter contacts easily

  • Craft single, recurring emails (no more duplicating!)

  • Automate time-based drip series

Track and improve

Getting better has never been easier.

See the aggregate performance of your automation, as well as individual email content and stats, all in one view.

  • Track the reach of your automation over time

  • Identify which emails perform best and extend learnings

  • Easily update subject lines and content in real time


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