Email List Management

Strengthen customer connections with thoughtful, targeted outreach.

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Companies that scale trust twilio SendGrid to deliver results:

Confidently manage contacts

Show that you care about each contact.

Every person on your contact list represents a chance to build a meaningful, two-way relationship. Make the most of each opportunity.

  • Add and update contacts with streamlined CSV uploads

  • Use the Contacts API for programmatic, real-time updates

  • Create targeted manual lists or dynamic segments

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Tailor your outreach

Get personal to deepen connections.

Accelerate your results by increasing engagement. Customize every email to cater to your contacts and the content they want.

  • Import data to create a full picture of each contact

  • Watch how recipients engage with emails you send

  • Create strategic segments to reflect your insights

Say goodbye

Clean lists are healthy lists.

Know when to stop or reduce your sending to specific contacts. You’ll not only honor their preferences, you’ll improve your deliverability.

  • Track engagement to know when sending less is more

  • Let contacts be choosy and opt-out of certain sends

  • Send wanted mail and see engagement rise

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