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MC Testing - 01

Companies that scale trust twilio SendGrid to deliver results:

No send-time stress

A flawless recipient experience every time.

With integrated Email Testing, you’re free to spend time crafting beautiful, engaging content—not troubleshooting.

  • Send messages that look beautiful everywhere

  • Catch spammy content before you send

  • Easily find broken links, buttons, or images

MC Testing - 02
MC Testing - 03

Always pixel perfect

See how your emails look in any inbox.

Inbox render tests show how your emails look across clients, browsers, and devices—including Gmail, Outlook, iOS, Android, and more.

  • See how your email looks in a wide range of inboxes

  • Catch unexpected design, layout, or formatting issues

  • Test across popular mobile and desktop devices

Score with spam filters

Know how you’ll score before you send.

Spam testing shows how your email content performs against the most powerful spam filters with insight to consider before sending.

  • Get individual scores from powerful spam filters

  • Gain clear insight across B2B and B2C filters

  • Improve deliverability with every email you send

MC Testing - 04
MC Testing - 05

Show links some love

Check every URL with a single click.

Easily validate every link, button, and URL to make sure they work and have the right metadata, reputation, and number of redirects.

  • Make sure each URL works at a glance

  • Save your reputation by ensuring no domain is blacklisted

  • Get notified if you’re missing hyperlink metadata


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