Integrations and Partners

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Become a Partner

Partner with SendGrid and provide your customers with access to the industry's leading email delivery platform.

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Find a Partner

Find a complementary service or technology that will help you set up, extend, or improve your email program in our Partner Marketplace.

Partner Spotlight

Integrate SendGrid into your AWS applications to send all transactional AND marketing email. AWS development teams have access to detailed analytics, templates, and 24/7 support. SendGrid provides AWS customers the only email delivery backed by machine.

SendGrid and AWS

Save time and money by integrating one solution for all your AWS application’s email needs. SendGrid offers AWS developers transactional and marketing email through one integration.

Featured Partners

eData Source eData Source

Boost your email marketing results. Keep tabs on your competition, and track your inbox placement.

FullContact FullContact

Powerful contact APIs and services to add insights to your database and create better experiences for your customers.

Partner Spolight

Provides easy integration of SendGrid’s email infrastructure and marketing campaigns through the AWS Marketplace.

Simon Data Simon Data

A next-generation marketing automation platform focused on retention, lifecycle marketing, and data operability.