An Email Marketer’s Time-Saving Toolkit

Take back your day and cross off your to-do list.


Chapter 1: Introduction 

It’s 5:05pm. You sit at your desk and check off 1 of the 12 items on your list. Between the meetings, the 2 last minute email campaign requests, and the email template that would not cooperate, there just wasn’t time to get to the 11 other items. You move half of the items to your list tomorrow, and the others get placed in productivity purgatory. You’ll get to them…someday. 

While we know you’re wishing for a time machine to pause the clock, we weren’t able to add time travel to the agenda (this time). We can, however, help you save the precious minutes that you do have by providing the tools you need to work more efficiently, easily engage your recipients, and drive results. 

In this toolkit, you’ll find a variety of blog articles, guides, and webcasts that are designed to help you automate your email program while keeping a personal touch, test your emails quickly and efficiently, and ultimately, grow your business.

Chapter 2: Take automation off your someday list

For many marketers, email automation lives on the someday list. And we know it’s like moving a mountain to get it off the someday list, but, here’s the deal: automating your email program will save you time in the long run. Use the following email automation resources to help you get email automation up and running seamlessly.


What Is Email Automation and Why You Should Use It in Your Campaigns

Completely new to email marketing automation or not convinced yet that you should be incorporating it into your program?

Start your journey here with our email automation guide that defines, advocates for, and includes best practice tips to follow when you’re starting to think about including automated emails into your efforts.

Automated Emails: 3 Ideas to Get You Started

Ready to start sending automated emails but are unsure where to start? We have three types of automated email campaigns (along with best practice tips to help you along the way) to jumpstart your email marketing automation program.


Create a preference center for your automated emails.

A preference centers allows your recipients to choose how often they want to hear from you. By giving your recipients a choice of frequency, it prevents recipients from unsubscribing from all of your communications. Learn more in the article above, Automated Emails: 3 Ideas to Get You Started.

6 Tips and Examples for Personalized Email Marketing

Achieving a personal connection with your recipients with each campaign can be challenging, but don’t be fooled, it is in reach for your email program. We have tips and examples from some of our favorite brands so you can achieve that same connection with your audience. 

3 Email Marketing Automation Mistakes to Avoid

Some mistakes are inevitable, but fortunately, when it comes to email automation, you can avoid many of them. Learn about common email automation blunders and how to avoid them yourself. 

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Explore Automation

How many times have you stared at your computer biting your lip as you look for any mistakes in your email? If your answer is too many times to count, trust us we’ve been there. Here are a few resources that have helped us with our sending anxiety, and have given us the confidence to press send.

Email Testing: Spam, Links, and Rendering Tips

Making sure that your email looks great across inboxes and devices is a big part of feeling confident when sending email to your subscribers. In this post, we describe how you can test your email design across inbox providers, check your links, and rate the likelihood of making it into the inbox all within the Twilio SendGrid platform.

Your Pre-Send Email Testing Checklist

All of us email marketers share a similar fear: an error in our email sends. This checklist has helped us consistently check that our campaigns are as good as gold before they go out the door. Use it for your campaigns to double check that your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed before you press send.

9 Tips for Time-Starved Marketers

There’s never enough time in the day to accomplish everything on your to-do list, so here are 9 tips from an expert email marketer at Twilio SendGrid to help you cut down on the time it takes you to complete certain tasks. Don’t work harder, work smarter. 


If content converts, reuse and repurpose as much as you can.

We're not saying to send the same email twice (that would be a very bad idea!). But, if you're working on a campaign that has blog posts, emails, and social posts, use the material from one channel and repurpose it for another. This saves you time and creates a greater consistency across channels.

3.5 Ways to Elevate Your Email Campaigns in 2019

From reading your email copy aloud to identifying your VIPs (the recipients who engage with your emails the most), these 3 and a half tips will help you step up your email game. 

The Technical Know-How Marketers Need for Email and Beyond

We’re not saying you should start building websites, but having some technical knowledge allows you to be more independent, persuasive, and strategic in your everyday work. Learn how data is generated, the value of an Excel pivot table, and the financial metrics you should have a handle on in this article.

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Check your email

To grow your business with email marketing you need to first grow the number of subscribers on your contact list. Here are a number of resources to help you build up those email lists, engage your subscribers with best practices, and market your business through email. 

Growing Email Marketing Lists Is Hard: 6 Tips That Can Help

While it might take longer to grow your list organically, you’ll see better results from subscribers who want to hear from you. Grow your list by optimizing your sign-up forms or sending a welcome series, not by renting or buying contact lists.

Email Expedition Webcast

Knowing where to start with your email marketing program can feel overwhelming. Luckily, our Twilio SendGrid experts are here to guide you through your first email marketing send safari-style!


Create a double opt-in for subscribers to grow a healthy list.

A double opt-in requires subscribers to confirm their email address to be officially added to your contact list. This method guarantees that all contacts on your list not only want to receive your communications, but also are active email addresses and not spam traps. Learn more best practices by watching the Email Expedition Webcast above.

Top Email Marketing Examples

We could just tell you how to create compelling and successful email campaigns, but we thought it might be better to show off some of the best email campaigns we’ve come across in our inboxes. From witty content to picture-perfect visuals, check out these knockout emails and get inspired for your next campaign!

The Essential Guide to Email Segmentation Guide

The key to personalization and providing valuable email content is a properly-segmented email list. We’ve got the segmentation strategies you need so that you can grow your user engagement and, in turn, your business.

How to Market Your Business With Email 

Email has remained one of the most reliable and effective channels for marketing a business. If you’re just getting started, check out our in-depth how-to page for how to use email marketing to market and grow your business.

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Chapter 5: Achieving your email aspirations

To reach all of your email dreams in a timely manner, try out our email marketing platform. From email automation to in-app email testing and sign-up forms, Twilio SendGrid provides a simple, easy to set up solution for all your email needs. Sign up for a free account to start sending today.

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