As you look to planning for the new year, what does your email strategy look like? If it involves increasing the reach of your email program, you’re in the right place!

Growing your mailing list can be pretty complicated. There are plenty of “shortcuts” available to businesses that want to send more email to more people including lists for purchase on the Internet, partners you could potentially share with, services that scrape the internet for email addresses, and more.

Unfortunately, those are short-term plays in a long-term game. The key to a successful email program is engagement, and if those recipients didn’t opt-in to your mail, then they’re receiving unwanted, unanticipated mail. You’re spamming them and your email deliverability will reflect it. If you truly want to build your email program with engaged recipients, slow and steady address acquisition wins the race.

Join us next Tuesday as Jillian Wohlfarth, Senior Manager of Content Marketing, and Carly Brantz, Director of Revenue Marketing, share list growing tactics that will build your list the right way in our original webcast Grow Your Email List: Best Practices to Gain Engaged Subscribers. From acquiring new customers to nurturing existing customers, they’ll help you form your email acquisition strategy just in time for 2015 planning.

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