Guide to Bulk Email: What It Is & How to Send It

The term bulk email refers to emails sent to a large group of people. But, while it can be tempting and often cost-effective to email blast all recipients on your subscriber list, this approach is usually met with lukewarm engagement and can actually damage your email program’s overall success. That’s why—whether you’re sending an email to one person or 100 million recipients—you need to practice responsible sending. 

Last Updated: November 9, 2021

Now, we’re not saying you need to avoid sending mass emails completely, but rather you should be strategic about when you use them. At Twilio SendGrid, we work with thousands of companies that send between 1 and 5 million emails a month, so we’ve seen bulk email both fall short of performance expectations and be used successfully and strategically. To ensure your mass email campaigns fall in the latter category, we’ve put together some of our best practices and tips for scaling your email program.

In this guide, we’ll share what bulk email is, how to send it successfully, and what common pitfalls you need to avoid when sending at volume. Here’s what you need to know as your email program continues to scale and touch hundreds, thousands, and even millions of recipients.

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