• Control your reputation
  • Separate your email types
  • Distribute sending volume

Cost: $30.00 dollars/month

Available for: 

Pro and Premier API plans Advanced Marketing Campaign Plans

Additional Dedicated IP Address


Improve your deliverability by taking control of your sending reputation.

Add dedicated IP addresses to your Twilio SendGrid account to resolve certain deliverability challenges and to maintain a strong sender reputation.

Additional IPs are recommended for:

• High-Volume senders having messages deferred by
   inbox providers

• Senders who want to isolate the reputation of a
   subset of messages

Note: All Pro and Premier plans include one dedicated IP address for free.

Address deferrals caused by high-volume sending

Adding dedicated IPs to your account can help if you send a large volume of email consistently and you want to maintain high deliverability rates.

Separate your sending

To achieve higher deliverability rates and prevent reputation contamination, isolate your sender reputation for subsets of your email program like:

• Transactional vs. marketing email

• Password resets and initial email verification vs. other
   transactional messages

• One subuser vs. another subuser

Add and warm up an additional IP

When you add a new dedicated IP address, it’s important to establish a good sender reputation initially by starting slow and gradually increasing the amount of email you send. This is called an IP warmup. 

If you already have a dedicated IP for your account, set up an automated warm up or warm up your IP manually.

Learn more about IP warmups and why this process is so important to your deliverability.

Add IPs as you need them

You can purchase up to 3 additional IP address for $30 each per month (contact support if you need more). Add them to your package now or buy them later through your account.

The additional cost will be reflected in your package total and combined with any other add-ons you purchase.

Billing cycles are monthly and you will be charged the next month for any usage and purchases you make this month.

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