Send Your Best with SendGrid's New Services and Tools

April 30, 2019
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Bryan Sise
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Send Your Best with SendGrid's New Services and Tools

Bring your email program to peak fitness with help from our email experts and diagnostic tools

When it comes to your own health and wellness, you know there’s a difference between feeling pretty good and performing at your best. Sometimes you feel okay, and function fine in work and life—but you knew you weren’t in the best shape you could be, and you might not be ready for an intense workout or a challenging hike.

Your email program, too, may be humming along, getting the word out to your customers, and seeing about the same performance it has always seen. It’s doing the job. But is your email program really performing at the level it could be? And if new demands are placed on it, such as a big send to propel a major company announcement, will your email program be ready to meet the challenge?

What might be possible for your business if you could revitalize your email program? At SendGrid, we’ve recently introduced new services and tools you can use to achieve peak performance.

Use Monitoring to Discover What’s Holding You Back

The first step in boosting email program health is uncovering weaknesses and bad habits that may be hurting your deliverability. Many senders are unaware that some of their daily decisions and practices can be hurting their sending reputation with mailbox providers.

If you were assessing your personal cardiovascular fitness, you might start by monitoring key vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure, perhaps with a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. You wouldn’t take these measurements a single time. Instead, you would take reads on a regular basis, under a variety of conditions (such as when you’re resting and when you’re out walking). And you’d get a fitness expert to help you interpret the metrics you were seeing.

Now, you can do the same thing with your email program. We just launched a new health monitoring service we call Expert Insights. When you sign up for Expert Insights, you get an in-depth monthly snapshot of the health and performance of your email program with a robust report and tailored step-by-step repair instructions to maximize results.

Your Monthly Expert Insights report includes tailored email program metrics, recommendations, and instructions.

You can buy Expert Insights from your billing page within your account, or learn more by speaking with our experts. Expert Insights is one of the many offerings from our Professional Services Team, a group of advisors with nearly 100 years combined experience in the email industry, and with leadership roles in key email industry groups such as the Email Experience Council and M3AAWG.

Our Expert Insights team now partners with companies of all sizes and budgets to help them get their email program in shape, not unlike how a fitness trainer would show you how to build healthy habits.

Diagnose Issues to Chart a Path Toward Wellness and Vitality

While a Fitbit or an Apple Watch can give you new visibility into your vitals, sometimes these devices aren’t enough. Suppose you start feeling sick, or you have a lapse in energy just when you need it most. You want to know more about why your energy is flagging. You might stop in for a lab test, where a quick screening could pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms.

Is there also a way to easily diagnose the root cause of a deliverability issue? Not long ago we rolled out major new enhancements to our Email Activity Feed, the diagnostic tool you need to understand deliverability problems. To view your Email Activity Feed, just click Activity in the left-side navigation bar within your SendGrid UI.

The Email Activity Feed streamlines your email delivery troubleshooting process with powerful search and filter capabilities, including a partial search of the subject line. When you select an email message, you’ll be able to view the entire journey of that message with sequential event organization.

Every step in the journey is shown, including the ways that SendGrid and the mailbox provider processed and delivered the message, and the ways that the user interacted with it. And when you need more than a 30-day view, you can enrich your visibility into past email events by purchasing additional Email Activity history.

Get In-Depth Coaching To Achieve Health Breakthroughs

For many people who are working to improve their health, a fitness tracker, a few sessions with a personal trainer, and an occasional visit to a screening lab may be enough. But some of us face more complex health challenges, and we need in-depth coaching so that we can achieve new breakthroughs. There are parallels with your email program when you are tackling complex organizational or systems challenges that affect the ways you communicate with your customers.
Our Professional Services Team is ready to help.
Our Expert Services portfolio includes robust service offerings geared toward building your email program on a strong foundation and ensuring that your whole team is following sending best practices. For example, our Expert Partnership service package makes our experts an extension of your team.

Our email consultants start by conducting a deep analysis of your email program using advanced deliverability diagnostics. Based on that analysis, your dedicated implementation manager and solutions architect will build an action plan and an account architecture plan tailored to your use case and sending needs.

On an ongoing basis, you'll get monthly delivery consultation sessions to review your results, surface potential issues found from our investigation, provide recommendations for improvement, and answer questions. To learn more about Expert Partnership, contact our Sales Team.

Like your own personal fitness and wellness, the health of your email program requires close monitoring and focused attention to issues. Your email program can be “good enough,” or it can be great, and greatness in customer communications is what will really make the difference for your business.

For more ways to optimize your email program and increase your delivery rates, check out SendGrid's 2019 Email Deliverability Guide. 

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