You’ve heard that a customer didn’t receive the password reset email they needed—now what do you do? All email senders need to troubleshoot email delivery challenges at one time or another. SendGrid’s new enhanced email activity feed and additional history gives you peace of mind by expediting the email delivery troubleshooting process.*

The email delivery ecosystem is complex. Each challenge could be triggered by a plethora of disparate and minute causes, from the recipient, your configuration, or even the recipient mailbox provider’s algorithm, (just to name a few).

You need to be able to see and dig into your email activity events in order to figure out why your email wasn’t received—so you can fix it.

Gone are the days when you had to waste time digging through a log of independent events with limited details in your email delivery tool’s UI, only to (eventually) discover that too much time had passed to find it there anyway.

Or perhaps you’ve been considering investing substantial resources into maintaining a method of gathering, storing, and visualizing your email activity event data outside of your email delivery tool by absorbing an event webhook—save your time and resources.

A Better Email Activity Feed

SendGrid’s new email activity feed lets you easily pinpoint a specific email message with SendGrid’s email activity feed advanced search and multiple filter capabilities—including a partial search of the subject line.

Then select an email message to understand the entire journey of that message with sequential event organization—detailed from processed to delivered, through to opened and clicked.

Finally, with the additional email activity history option*—up to 30 days in the past in the UI, new filter and events-by-email-message API endpoints*, and exportable CSV file, now you have the freedom to access the email activity event data you need, when you need it.

Since occasional email delivery troubleshooting is unavoidable, we’ve done our best to provide you more visibility into each of your emails with our email activity feed enhancements, expediting your process.

“Thank you for the update to email activity! Email is vital to our business. We use SendGrid to automate notifications based on home insurance shopping and purchasing activity,” says Kevin Curry, Managing Partner & CTO, Comparity. “These improvements allow us to see which notifications went to which people in the same view with open and click activity, which gives us the ability to audit and determine if necessary communications are happening in real-time. It has had a direct impact on our insight and decision making. SendGrid has been great for our business!”

With your email activity events at your fingertips, you can find out what happened to that lost password reset email, and rest easy knowing that SendGrid has your back. To get started, visit the Email Activity Feed within your SendGrid Settings or browse through the documentation for more information.

*Please note some limitations apply. Email volumes over 100 million (per month) are not included in this launch. Additional purchase required for additional email history up to 30 days as well as new events API endpoints.

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Lindsey works cross-functionally to bring new products and features to market. Acting as the voice of the customer, Lindsey works with our engineering, product, marketing, sales, and support teams to ensure that customer needs are met and that SendGrid continues to deliver on our promise of enabling customers to send with confidence.