Email can be difficult to get right, but we probably don’t need to tell you that. If you’re building or running an email program, you know that getting into the inbox just so you can have the chance to engage with your customers often isn’t as easy as pressing “send.”

You’re not alone.

Globally, 15% of emails never make it to the inbox, but with email being such a critical channel to engage with your customers, you can’t afford to miss out.

SendGrid is excited to announce that we’ve added new Expert Services offerings to our portfolio so that more customers (like you, even if you’re a smaller business!) can leverage our expertise through a variety of consulting and data analysis options that work best for your needs. Consulting used to be only for large enterprises who could afford it, but now with SendGrid’s new Expert Services, companies of all sizes can get world-class analysis and expertise.

SendGrid Expert Services allow senders to partner with our experts through training, implementation assistance, in-depth data analysis, and strategic guidance to optimize their email program and drive business results.

What is SendGrid Expert Services?

If you haven’t noticed, we take email very seriously at SendGrid, and this effort is led in part by the email nerds on our consulting team.

From close partnerships with mailbox providers like Microsoft or Gmail, to active leadership in all of the major email industry organizations, our experts have a close pulse on email industry trends, what it means to send wanted mail, and email best practices. With nearly 100 years of combined experience from all over the industry on our email consulting team alone, our experts truly have a passion for transforming the inbox one successful customer at a time.

Check out how companies like, Vivino, and The Hustle leveraged Expert Services to improve their email programs.

What’s New?

With our new offerings, we’re democratizing access to our offerings so that customers of all needs and budget can get value from our experts. This means we’re releasing less expensive offerings, and that users can now quickly purchase services themselves in our app instead of speaking to our Sales team (although they’re very nice people, and always open to chat about all of our service offerings if you have other questions!).

Let’s take a tour of our packages, and you can find more detail about what’s included in each package on our website.

If you’re new to SendGrid’s platform or need help optimizing your email setup and architecture, our implementation services are a fit for you.

  • Email Bootcamp is an online, educational webinar taught by SendGrid’s implementation experts covering how to set up and use SendGrid’s products.
  • Email Implementation is a custom engagement with a dedicated implementation expert to guide you through your account architecture, setup, and using our products.
  • Email Implementation & Strategy is everything you need to set up or optimize your account set up and sending strategy through a consultation with our implementation experts and email consultants.

If you run into an email issue and need an expert to review, analyze, diagnose, and make recommendations on how to repair your issue, try our deliverability engagements:

  • Expert Analysis is a diagnostic check on the health of your email program via an advanced report and single consultation with an expert.
  • Expert Consultation is a dedicated, in-depth consultation with an expert to analyze your sending performance and provide short and long term recommendations to improve results.
  • Expert Optimization is a close partnership with experts over 90 days to review customers’ account set up and strategy, provide education and recommendations for improvement, and help test and optimize strategies.

If you want an expert to help you find areas where you can improve your email program to maximize results, our ongoing packages offer in-depth analytics and close partnership with our experts.

  • Expert Insights is an in-depth monthly snapshot of the health and performance of your email program with a robust report and curated step-by-step repair instructions to maximize results.
  • Expert On Demand provides digestible monthly reports and call with experts, plus fast access to an expert up to four times per year with an in-depth consultation if you run into issues.
  • Expert Partnership provides a close partnership with experts to optimize account set up, provide education and recommendations for improvement, and help test and optimize strategies to meet long and short term goals.
  • Enterprise Expert Partnership provides our highest level of ongoing support and guidance through strategic projects to improve your email program, proactive monitoring from our experts, and fast technical support.

How can I access SendGrid Expert Services?

If you’re a SendGrid customer, you can purchase our offerings on your billing page within your account or talk to one of our experts to learn more.

Jessy Sweet is a product marketing associate at SendGrid, working cross-functionally to launch products and drive adoption for our Expert Services product line. She's also a big fan of classic literature, drawing, home-brewing beer, and tacos – in no particular order.