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What's transactional email?

Build seamless workflows with reliable email delivery

Transactional emails are sent to facilitate an expected transaction between a sender and a recipient. They’re triggered by the recipient and contain information they want or need, and are a vital part of completing your customers’ necessary workflows.

  • Delivering account creation emails, account usage notifications, password resets, purchase receipts, and social media updates

  • Verifying your users across email, SMS, voice, or push channels with Twilio Verify

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The many ways you can use transactional email

Account creation emails

Account creation emails are the first step in your relationship with recipients and are essential in building longevity with them. Connect with new customers by quickly notifying them of new information and giving them the option to select future communications preferences with your brand.

Password reset emails

Keep your users secure by helping them get back into their accounts with password recovery emails. These emails are critical for any application that requires a password and promise that users will be able to quickly get back to using your services.

Purchase receipt emails

With any online vendor, customers expect timely purchase receipt emails that don’t end up in their spam folder. By providing quick, accurate emails, you give your customers a good user experience with your brand.

Account notification emails

Notify users of important information and activity. Transactional emails cover a wide variety of notification use cases: policy changes, security alerts, usage notifications, monthly statements, and more. They keep users informed and build trust in your brand.

Identity and authentication

Keep your brand and users safe from fraud by authenticating with transactional email. Using the Twilio Verify API, quickly send a verification code over email to your users to strengthen their account security and ensure their trust in your brand.

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Represent your brand with a reliable email service

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Transactional email is an integral part of your customer’s experience. Ensure your transactional emails reach their recipients with Twilio SendGrid’s proven platform.

  • Integrate and deliver in minutes with our RESTful APIs and SMTP, libraries, and interactive documentation

  • Achieve optimal inbox placement with our purpose-built mail transfer agent

  • Run real-time email activity, analytics, and reporting


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