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Break free of restrictive marketing automation tools by triggering marketing emails programmatically.

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One platform for any email

Deliver transactional and marketing email with the same trusted Email API.

Manage all of your email on a single platform. Send marketing email programmatically with our proven email infrastructure for maximum control and customizability.

  • Flexibility to build your ideal experience

  • Centralized analytics for streamlined reporting

  • Template builder to create and edit email content


Types of Marketing Email

Shopping cart

Cross-sell Emails

Send emails with custom product recommendations. Modify content based on a recipients’ previous purchases or interactions with your website or app

Customer Loyalty Emails

Keep customers engaged with personalized messages that recognize milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or product usage and engagement.


Monthly Email Newsletters

Deliver email newsletters with the must-read content from your company, product updates, and informative articles. Track engagement performance to identify content that caters to your recipients’ previous engagement.

Nurture Campaign Emails

Create a nurture program to support your Marketing and Sales teams. Set up triggers based on events that are key to your business—interaction with content, engagement with products, or activity in the app.


Looking for low-code?

Short on Development Resources ?

Send marketing email without developer resources. Easily import and segment contacts, build campaigns, run A/B tests and more with Marketing Campaigns.

Stress-free sending

Reach the inbox reliably

Marketing emails are critical to customer engagement, but they’re only effective if they actually make it to customers’ inboxes. Get more email delivered with Twilio SendGrid.

  • Integrate and deliver in minutes with RESTful APIs and SMTP, libraries, and interactive docs

  • Achieve optimal inbox placement with a purpose-built mail transfer agent

  • Access real-time email activity, analytics, and reporting

  • Partner with Email Experts to troubleshoot delivery and prepare for important campaigns


Email Marketing Features


SMTP Service

Send email over our leading cloud-based SMTP service for a quick and easy integration via SMTP relay or our flexible API.


Dynamic Templates

Create and manage email templates with point-to-click HTML rendering and conditional formatting with testing previews—accessed by your API calls.


Email Testing for Dynamic Templates

Test your Dynamic Templates for inbox rendering, link validity, and performance against spam filters.

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