Thank You Email Campaign Examples (Downloadable Templates)

August 13, 2023
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Jesse Sumrak
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Thank You Email Campaign Examples (Downloadable Templates)

We ask a lot of our customers: to click, look, read, purchase, attend. It’s important to stop asking every once in a while and give thanks to the people that keep us in business.

From a recipient perspective, it’s refreshing to receive a thank you email and be recognized for our contribution. And from the business side of things, it’s not only a good reminder to be grateful, but also a great opportunity to connect and engage with your customers.

Here are a few email examples to give you some inspiration with how you can position your thank you campaign.

Thank-you email campaign examples

Send a gift

One way to thank your customers is with a present of your own, which is especially fitting during the holidays. Provide a discount code at checkout to thank those superb customers that have been instrumental to your business’ success. This is also an opportunity for you to help drive revenue during the last couple weeks of the year.

The template below is an example of what you can send for your gift-giving email. Customize it with your business’ logo and your brand’s personal flair. If you’d like to use this template for your thank you email campaign, you can find it, along with two other thank you email templates, in our Marketing Campaigns product. If you’re new to SendGrid, sign up for a free account to access these templates.

Highlight acts of kindness

We all need to be reminded every once and a while of the great people out there doing both small and big acts to help make a difference. These people might be your employees, your customers, or even, you.
Dig a little to find acts of kindness in your company, and share how your product was a vehicle for that kindness.  
In December of 2017, a ride-sharing company sent out a moving thank you email about two drivers who have made a difference in the lives of their passengers. By recognizing both the drivers and passengers, the company solidified their community of people helping others reach their destination.

Think about how you can use this method for your brand. Sort through reviews of your company, are there a few stories that stand out? Are there any employees that are mentioned multiple times with glowing reviews? If so, there might be a story worth sharing and people in need of thanking.

Share your story

An equally meaningful approach to a thank you email campaign is to share your company’s story: how you reached where you are today and how your customers helped you get there. This approach can really help humanize a brand and show customers that there is much more to a company than its offerings or products—there’s a team of people striving to create something that consumers will love.

This example from bra business, Thirdlove, celebrates the achievements they’ve made in the last 5 years while thanking their customers for helping them reach this milestone. As a recipient, it makes you pause and realize all the blood, sweat, and tears the company has poured into their dream to make it come true, as well as how you’ve helped contribute toward this goal.

Thank-you campaign testing tips

The holidays are, of course, a great time to give thanks and reflect on the year, but don’t limit yourself to the holidays. Sending two to three thank you email campaigns a year allows you to test which type of thank you email connects most with your recipients. Here are a few testing suggestions:
  • Try testing a thank you gift email marketing campaign during the holidays and share your company’s story around your anniversary.
  • Differentiate your subject lines enough so that you can use open rates to track engagement and determine what thank you email type works best for your brand.
  • Keep an eye on click-through rates to see what thank you email draws more recipients to the website.
For more metrics to watch, read our blog post, 4 Important Email Marketing Metrics to Monitor.

Downloadable thank-you email templates

Now, you have the inspiration. The next step is to start building your own thank-you email campaigns—and we can help. We've created 60+ free downloadable email templates you can use to kickstart your email design. You can find them all here.

Want some thank-you-specific email templates you can get started with? We have plenty. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Thank-you confirmation email template

This thank-you confirmation email template is a courteous message sent to users after they've taken a specific action, such as subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, or signing up for an event.

This type of email acknowledges the user's interaction, expresses gratitude for their engagement, and provides additional information or next steps related to their action.

Download it here.

2. Loyalty program thank-you email template

These emails inform recipients about the benefits and perks of being a part of the loyalty program, such as exclusive discounts, early access to promotions, or personalized offers. The thank-you template emphasizes the value customers receive for their continued support and encourages them to stay connected.

By leveraging a well-designed loyalty program email template, you can foster customer retention, strengthen brand loyalty, and drive repeat purchases—all while making your customers feel appreciated and valued.

Download it here.

3. Order confirmation template

This email provides essential details about the order, including items purchased, quantities, pricing, and delivery information. It assures customers that their order has been received and is being processed.

An effective order confirmation email template serves as both a receipt and a reassurance, enhancing the overall customer experience and setting the stage for a positive post-purchase relationship.

Download it here.

4. Thanks for signing up template

The "Thanks for signing up" email template is a brief and welcoming message sent to new subscribers who have recently joined a newsletter, website, or service. This email expresses gratitude for their registration. It highlights the benefits of being a part of the community, and often provides instructions on how to get started or access their account.

Download it here.

5. Retail purchase receipt template

Retail purchase receipt templates serve as official records of the transaction. They offer transparency to customers and facilitate smooth post-purchase interactions.

Download it here.

Start sending thank-you email campaigns

There are many opportunities to provide thanks to those that support your brand and help drive your businesses forward. Consider using anniversaries, milestones, and heartwarming stories as a way to thank your customers. It serves as a reminder to you and your business of all that you have to be grateful for.

Want to get started on your thank you email campaign? Use our thank you email templates found in our Marketing Campaigns product. If you don’t have a SendGrid account, you can sign up here for free.

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