Loyalty Program Email Template

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep your customers engaged. Adding email communications to your loyalty program can remind your buyers about their points and rewards to incentivize them to become repeat customers.

While this email template features a hotel loyalty program, you could easily swap out the images, colors, and copy to make it relevant to your brand. You could even add tiny icons to the bottom to illustrate the perks and benefits.

Make it easy for your recipients to take action on your email. Add relevant links to redemption pages to help them smoothly navigate your loyalty program. Use the same email template for all your loyalty program email communications to make it a consistent and familiar experience for your recipients. Remember, this isn’t a newsletter—this is a call-to-action to get your customer to make additional purchases or redeem rewards.

Loyalty Program Email Template Tips

Tip #1: Feel free to add additional elements to these templates. For example, if you have more redemption opportunities you’d like to feature, don’t be afraid to copy/paste extra boxes.

Tip #2: Find opportunities to personalize your emails. Integrate point totals, past purchases, and other custom data into your emails to give it that extra flair.

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