Test for Success: Email Testing for Your Programmatic Sending

December 19, 2019
Written by
Lindsey Weinig
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Test for Success: Email Testing for Your Programmatic Sending

Are your emails getting caught up in spam filters? Or have you ever sent an email with a broken link?

There are many factors that come into play when mailbox providers decide where to filter and place your emails. We do everything we can to protect and improve your reputation including: build our MTA to optimize your deliverability, provide intuitive deliverability tools and resources, as well as offer consultative services from our experts. However, the content of your email also plays a major role in your overall deliverability.

Once your emails arrive in the inbox, if there happen to be broken links within the buttons or other call to actions, this can derail your efforts and represent your company in a bad light. Your emails are an extension of your company’s customer experience. These messages need to look great, render properly across browsers and devices, and provide functioning links for the recipients to act on.

Transactional Email Testing Challenges

Many developers have told us that HTML is not their preferred coding language. To build a responsive, brand-consistent, functioning email template from nothing, a developer needs to understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript and have the patience to send the template to themselves to test the rendering at least on desktop and mobile. Then they need to run through the same process to make necessary edits over time, and do a code-deploy to get it into production.

We simplified the email template building process with our design and code editor options, and the management process with versions in our Dynamic Templates.

Announcing Email Testing for Dynamic Templates

Today we’re launching Email Testing so you can build, manage and test your dynamic email templates to help you bypass spam filters and avoid mistakes within your email content. This service has been previously available for Marketing Campaigns customers, and now you can use it no matter how you send your email. Simply select Email Testing within your Dynamic Template to select the test(s) you’d like to run.

Run your templates through integrated email testing to see how your emails will perform against the world’s most powerful and common spam filters. Use the actionable details to address any issues before sending.

With our email testing, you no longer need to manually QA the content of each email. You can also render test and preview with a single click to ensure your emails look great across a wide range of devices, email clients, and inbox providers. Email testing will also validate every link in your message, checking for domain reputations, redirects, and critical metadata.

Ensure your email experience measures up to your product experience and your content isn’t getting your emails caught in spam filters by using Email Testing for Dynamic Templates in your next programmatic email send. Your Email API account includes 60 credits for Pro and 500 credits for Premier every month.

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