All email senders want to maximize their email delivery. Whether you’re currently facing email delivery challenges or feel like your delivery is fine, you can improve your reputation with recipient mailbox providers (and in turn, your delivery), through proper sender authentication setup.

Sender authentication is a best practice among email senders that requires you to access your DNS host to authenticate your account within your third-party email delivery service, like SendGrid.

Authentication processes are a necessary evil; commonly convoluted, highly technical, and ultimately frustrating–but necessary–for email senders to complete.

SendGrid’s new sender authentication is intuitive and approachable, simplifying the highly complex best practice necessary for improved email deliverability.

With these improvements, we’ve expedited and simplified the overall process for sender authentication with smart defaults and advanced features nested, so fewer clicks and decisions are required to successfully authenticate.

We’ve also added clarity to the process. You can see exactly how your selections throughout the sender authentication process will be visible to your recipients in real-time, straightforward illustrations.

Feeling constrained by the technical requirements?

We’ve also worked to make the authentication process more accessible, by helping to overcome common technical hurdles discovered when authenticating. For those with limited DNS host access, we’ve added the option for you to send an email to a coworker to complete the technical requirements.

Is it “Host” or “Value”? And what does “Name” relate to? For those uncertain about where to place records for authentication due to the lack of terminology standardization across DNS providers, we ask for your DNS provider and match terminology in our UI to your provider.

SendGrid’s whitelabel is now sender authentication

The refreshed sender authentication process improves upon the authentication process previously known as “Whitelabeling” at SendGrid. We still utilize industry accepted email authentication tools like SPF and DKIM records, and reverse DNS records for dedicated IP addresses.

We have also maintained the ability for you to remove the “via” highlight to recipients, and display your own domain within your email links.

Ultimately here at SendGrid, we want all senders to maximize and maintain the highest possible email delivery easily and regardless of your technical familiarity; and now with the new Sender Authentication, you can.

*All verified domain, email link and IPs Whitelabels are still valid and can now be found under Sender Authentication in Settings in the SendGrid UI.

For more information on the improved sender authentication process, check out our documentation for domain authentication, link branding, and the whitelabel API for domain authentication and link branding.

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Lindsey works cross-functionally to bring new products and features to market. Acting as the voice of the customer, Lindsey works with our engineering, product, marketing, sales, and support teams to ensure that customer needs are met and that SendGrid continues to deliver on our promise of enabling customers to send with confidence.