Terra.com Ending Freemail Services: What Senders Need to Know

June 09, 2017
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Terra.com Ending Freemail Services: What Senders Need to Know

In a recent statement, Terra.com.br informed users of the free Terra Mail Service that the service will be discontinued as of June 30, 2o17. The closure will impact anyone with an email address at any of the following domains:

  • terra.com, terra.com.ar, mi.terra.cl, terra.com.com, terra.com.pe, terra.com.ve, terra.com.ec

It is important to note that this list does not include terra.com.br as this domain is not utilized for the free Terra Mail Service.

What does this mean for me as a sender?

If you are sending mail to recipients at any of the domains listed above, messages to these recipients will start to bounce on July 1st. Senders are not required to take any action as a result of this development.

When these addresses are officially discontinued, SendGrid will simply add them your suppression list and subsequent messages will be dropped on your behalf.

It is likely that these domains make up a very small percentage of your active mailing list, so you may not even notice the change. However, we know that every recipient on your list is important to you so it might be worth your time to target recipients at the affected domains and ask them to update their email address. Some of them might be surprised by the news and happily update their address with your service!

[caption id="attachment_22081" align="alignleft" width="350"] We love this proactive alert email from ShoeMall regarding Verizon's email service.[/caption]

Food for thought

Consolidation in the “freemail” space has been a hot topic in the email world for almost a year now. February brought us the announcement of Verizon’s freemail service merging with AOL.

While Verizon users were given the option to retain their verizon.net address, countless users undoubtedly opted to created a new address with a different inbox provider.

In March, we heard Orange, Wanadoo and Freeserve would be ending their free email services. This trend is likely to continue as experts have long been predicting consolidation in the space.

Here at SendGrid, we will always work to keep our users informed of these developments and let you know if any action is required or recommended for you as a sender.

And if you're looking for more personalized services specific to your email program, we also offer Expert Services ranging from one-time consulting to reoccurring monthly consultations.

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