Introducing Deliverability & Messaging Insights

March 23, 2022
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Denis O'Sullivan
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Introducing Deliverability & Messaging Insights

Achieving success in the inbox and across messaging channels is no small feat. With millions of messages sent every day, it’s hard to know if your marketing campaigns hit the mark. Deliverability Insights (now generally available!) and Messaging Insights help you get more from your email and messaging channels.

We all know that data is the key to understanding your customers. By tracking how they react to timing and content, you can evolve your marketing campaigns to meet their needs. To do that, you need access to streamlined campaign metrics. While data sourced from the API is available for you to store on your server, Twilio also offers friendly, in-app dashboards to monitor your marketing campaign performance across email and messaging channels.

For email, the key vital metrics to monitor for a healthy email program are spam complaint rates, unsubscribe rates, hard bounce rates, and unique open rates.

It is recommended to keep your performance within these key ranges:  
  • Spam complaint rates should ideally be less than 0.08%. 
  • Hard bounce rates should remain under 0.5%, although it can vary depending on the type of mail you send.
  • Unique open rates, which should generally be 10% for a healthy marketing mail campaign, have been impacted recently with Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, resulting in higher open rates. But with our Apple Open Indicator tool, you can remove machine opens from the equation.
For messaging, the key items to monitor to ensure compliance with acceptable use policies and minimize provider or carrier filtering are errors and opt-out rates. 

It is recommended to keep your performance within these key ranges:  
  • Errors should ideally be less than 3% as more than 5% is a problem for carriers. Reviewing error codes will enable you to quickly understand and troubleshoot common issues to increase your deliverability.
  • Opt-out responses should ideally be under 1%, as over 3% per day may result in filtering.
Whether your company heavily relies on email or SMS (or both), access to data is key. All of the data mentioned above is available in Deliverability Insights (for email) and Messaging Insights (for SMS). 

Deliverability Insights

Breaking out your email volume and metrics by inbox provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) is crucial in determining how your email program performs. Deliverability Insights is a visually engaging dashboard that gives you those tools to monitor and optimize your email program’s health. With Deliverability Insights, you can quickly see overall trends in volume, open rates, spam complaint rates, etc., with each major inbox provider.


Another crucial aspect of monitoring your email program’s health is paying attention to the bounce and block codes when sending emails. Since inbox providers don’t stick to a universal bounce or block code, senders can see thousands of different block and bounce codes daily. Deliverability Insights removes the confusion of deciphering those numerous codes and categorizes each bounce and block code to help you quickly determine why your emails are not landing in the inbox.


Messaging Insights

Similar to Deliverability Insights, Messaging Insights is an easy-to-follow tool that allows you to have complete control over monitoring your deliverability. Use Messaging Insights to analyze your results, identify and debug issues, optimize delivery, and find areas to boost engagement with your end users.


On the Delivery & Errors tab, you can find further insight and even filter out a specific carrier while investigating performance. It is important to ensure your error rate does not spike at one carrier and if it does, dive into the error codes to look for commonalities and opportunities to resolve the error.


How to optimize campaigns with Deliverability & Messaging Insights

Deliverability Insights is available now in your Twilio SendGrid account—check out docs to get started. Access Messaging Insights in your Twilio Console today—visit docs for more information. 

For more hands-on email and messaging guidance, reach out to the Twilio Professional Services team.

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