Get Started With Deliverability Insights

March 21, 2022
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Madison Springgate
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Get Started With Deliverability Insights

Email is an extremely powerful communication channel, as it gives you access to rich first-party data about your customer’s engagement. For instance, you receive one data point when your customer opens an email. You receive another data point when they click a link, and then another when they mark an email as spam. 

On average, every email you send generates over 10 events. So let’s say you send 100K emails per day. You could see over 30 million data points in a month! 

But with so much data available at your fingertips, how do you know which metrics impact your ability to make it to the inbox? You need an accessible and dynamic tool to navigate the complexities of the email environment. 

That’s why we built Deliverability Insights—now in general availability! 

The collaborative and visually engaging dashboard gives you the tools to monitor and optimize your email program's health. You can harness your rich email data into actionable insights to quickly determine your next steps. With insightful deliverability metrics at your fingertips, you’re more equipped than ever to optimize your inbox rate and boost engagement with customers. 

Deliverability Metrics

Mailbox provider engagement

Each recipient's mailbox provider determines your sender reputation and treats your mail accordingly. To understand and properly troubleshoot your deliverability, you need to segment your deliverability metrics by mailbox providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook. 

For instance, let’s say Gmail and Outlook accept your messages into the inbox, but Hotmail blocks most of your mail. This insight allows you to focus on the issue with one mailbox provider—in the example, Hotmail—without making broad changes that affect the effective delivery of your mail. Deliverability Insights allow you to segment your delivery and open rates by each mailbox provider to highlight any issues and streamline your troubleshooting. 

Mailbox provider data

Consultative tool tips

As the leader in cloud-based email sending, we’re experts at Twilio SendGrid at solving deliverability challenges. With Deliverability Insights, we scaled how our delivery operations and consultant teams assessed deliverability by creating dynamic tool tips to improve your email program. This gives you professional-level guidance directly in your user interface. 

Actionable bounce classifications

To truly optimize your deliverability, you need to understand why your emails aren’t making it to the inbox, resulting in a bounce or a block event. We receive over 30 million unique SMTP responses every day that shed light on why these emails aren’t reaching the inbox. 

Some of these responses are quite clear, while others are much less straightforward. Bounce and Block Classifications are new features that categorize these cryptic SMTP responses into 7 digestible classifications. So you now can easily understand why your emails aren’t being delivered and can facilitate action for improvement. 

Get started with Deliverability Insights

Deliverability Insights are accessible in your Twilio SendGrid account today—check out the Deliverability Insights docs to get started! And for more hands-on deliverability guidance, reach out to the SendGrid Professional Services team. 

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