When people tell you to “learn from the best”—who do you go to? When we thought about what email experts we look up to, the answer was obvious: our customers. They send some of the best content and employ modern testing and strategy techniques.

So we decided to pick their brains about subject lines strategies, images in email, sending relevant emails, CTAs, and creating valuable content and shared all of their tips in our guide: The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing. And this guide is our latest gift in our SendGrid Stocking Stuffer series!

Why this is a gift:

We always tout that email senders should test every part of their email program, all of the time. But sometimes, time isn’t in our side. So let us help you save some of that time, by getting right down to the tests that you should implement and the outcomes you should look for. The experts we spoke with were from Pandora, Bounce Exchange, DonorsChoose.org, Ibotta, and of course SendGrid.

How you’ll use it:

I don’t want to give away all of the best tips from the guide, but there are so many that you can put into practice right away, so here are few highlights from our experts to get you started:

Subject line strategies

“Rather than create the subject line and then the message and the call to action, we think about what action we want the recipient to take when reading the message. Once that’s taken care of, we develop a subject line that is descriptive of the email and tells how the message will provide benefit.” —Jill Guest, SendGrid

Including images in email 

“Gifs and videos can be difficult to create, and require a lot of time from designers. Don’t rely on having the best looking gif if it means you’re sacrificing relevance or context with recipients.” —David Hampian, Pandora

Keeping email relevant

“Send fewer emails with more relevance. It’s a lot easier to do this from the jump than it is to slip it into a mature email marketing program. This way, you can keep your messages relevant. Relevant messages are GOOD. Less is more if less is done better.”
—Ofir Caspi, Bounce Exchange

Writing successful calls to action

“Twice a year, we’ll do an “email audit,” where we look at all of our triggered email templates and make sure we can identify the CTA. As the email marketer, you might know what action you want a recipient to take, but that may not be conveyed clearly. There shouldn’t be any confusion or second-guessing about what a recipient should do with the message they just received.”
—Morgan Kazan, DonorsChoose.org

So jump into this guide to help you plan for your post-holiday sending and check out our other stocking stuffers to make sure you haven’t missed out on any other tips!

Jillian Smith
As SendGrid's Director of Content, Jillian is responsible for ensuring that SendGrid provides valuable thought leadership content through the blog, whitepapers, webcasts, and more. When not writing and editing, you can find Jillian frequenting Denver restaurants in search of the best queso.