Deliverability rates have you down?

Marketing Manager at Photobucket, Derek Cann, isn’t burdened by deliverability rates, but he certainly knows where you’re coming from. Photobucket is the first and largest online photo and video-hosting site that also offers backup and linking features. They also host a print shop where users can print their photos.

What does this have to do with email marketing? Photobucket’s photo and video hosting features, coupled with the print side of their business, means that they have different users with unique needs. In order to deliver wanted email to their customers, they rely on A/B testingsegmentation, and first-class deliverability. And these tactics work–in fact, they work very well.

Before SendGrid, Photobucket relied on an in-house solution and encountered sending delays, deliverability issues, and multiple cycles between their DBAs and the creative and product teams. In short, the process to send an email took 3 to 4 days.

Who has that kind of time? No one.

In the video above, Derek explains that by enlisting help from SendGrid, Photobucket eliminated the cycles between their DBAs and the various teams, sped up the delivery process, and were able to implement A/B testing and segmentation. By doing all of this, Derek’s team ensures that they’re reaching their customers in a more effective manner. The customers looking for updates to specific features are getting their product update emails, while the avid Photobucket print shop users are receiving the latest promotional deals.

The cherry on top: a deliverability rate of almost 100%. These “‘happily ever after”’ endings aren’t just for fairy tales.

We can’t promise to make all of your dreams come true, but we are committed to turning your email marketing woes into email marketing wins. To learn how other SendGrid customers like Pandora and TeamSnap experienced similar success, watch their videos on our YouTube channel.

As Director of Corporate Communications for SendGrid, David is responsible for helping to shape the voice of SendGrid and his current responsibilities include global management of media relations, social media, and analyst relations.