Email Marketing Campaigns

SendGrid’s Marketing Campaigns allows you to quickly and easily take an email campaign from concept to the inbox. You can access Marketing Campaigns from your Customer Portal at any time to begin designing, scheduling, and sending marketing email.


Wizardless Workflow

The simple, easy-to-use web interface provides the ability to customize email campaign creation according to your workflow. No wizards or forced campaign creation steps to follow. Access all campaign creation features and statistics from one centralized location.


Email Design

Marketing Campaigns allows you to design custom, responsive email templates for all of your email streams by either importing code or building them directly in the drag & drop editor.

AB Testing

A/B Test

Test any aspect of your email marketing campaign, like subject line, template, content, links, and images to see what’s resonating with your recipients.


Schedule Sends

You can also select a time for your email marketing campaign to be sent and then move onto other projects, knowing SendGrid will handle what we do best: delivery.


Preview and Test

Prior to sending a campaign, you can easily preview how messages will display across devices within Marketing Campaigns, and even send a test message to yourself to make sure it looks exactly how you want.

POST request to create a campaign via our Marketing Campaigns API

Campaigns API

Use SendGrid’s Campaigns API to programmatically create, manage, schedule, and send email marketing campaigns instead of logging in and using the Marketing Campaigns user interface.

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