• Working sessions with experts
  • Custom account architecture
  • Custom IP warm up plan
  • In-depth UI training

Cost: $5,000.00

Available with plans:

Email API:
Pro & Premier Plans

Marketing Campaigns: Advanced

Email Implementation


Save time and feel confident that you’re set up for long-term success. Our experts will work as an extension of your team during this 35-day engagement to ensure your email program is correctly set up and delivering value for your business.

Get help with:

  • Setting up your new Twilio SendGrid account(s)
  • Quickly and effectively migrating from another email provider
  • Preventing deliverability pitfalls associated with a complex email setup
  • Creating new mailstreams or optimizing your existing Twilio SendGrid account for long-term success


What’s included:

  • A dedicated expert to help you throughout the implementation 
 process and set your business up for success
  • In-depth training on Twilio SendGrid’s products and UI
  • Assistance navigating the API and your technical configuration
  • Custom account architecture and IP warmup plan based on your unique sending needs
  • Expert guidance on protecting your email through email authentication and DNS setup
  • Active monitoring of delivery metrics as you ramp up to ensure you are not harming your sending reputation

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We can help you find the right service for your email program.

“Twilio SendGrid’s Implementation Services team has ensured that we launch our new program without a hitch with every question or issue being met with quickness and expertise.”

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