• 1 Consultation with an expert
  • Advanced analytics report
  • Expert recommendations

Cost: Contact sales

Available with plans:

API: Pro and Premier

Marketing Campaigns: Advanced

Expert Analysis


Need a clear direction for your email program? Have an Email Consultant review your metrics, recommend improvements, and answer your top questions about how to get the most value from email.

Help for:

  • Diagnosing your biggest email issues to learn how you can resolve them and see better results
  • Understanding the state of your email program and knowing where to focus your efforts
  • Creating a plan to address deliverability issues so you can get more value from your email program
  • Get a deeper analysis of your email program with an Expert Consultation or Expert Optimization engagement

What’s included:

  • Kickoff call with your Email Consultant to review sending best practices and email goals
  • Report with insights into the health and performance of your program
  • A meeting with an Email Consultant to review results, answer questions, surface issues, and get recommendations
  • Action plan for you to implement recommended changes
  • Proprietary resources to teach you about email best practices

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