Where to Find Answers to Your SendGrid Questions

Where to Find Answers to Your SendGrid Questions

At SendGrid, we aim to have the best Customer Support in the email industry, but sometimes it’s just faster to find answers to your questions on our website and within our existing publications. Below, we’ve compiled the best places for you to look for answers to SendGrid-specific questions.


If you haven’t already taken a look, the SendGrid Documentation is an extremely detailed guide to our product. This is a more technical resource that will help guide you through your account. Sections include:
  • User Guide - Our user guide keeps you up-to-date with the settings found within the SendGrid interface.
  • API Reference Index - Whether you want to send mail, collect information, or make changes in your account, the API reference will help you understand how to programmatically manage your email program.
  • Integration Information - Learn how to integrate via Web API and SMTP Relay. You will also find code examples, tutorials, and instructions for integrating with some existing applications.
  • Utilities - Our Support Incubator has created some pretty cool tools for SendGrid customers, including Deliverability Center, Code Workshop, List Assist tool, and SMTP API Header Validator.
  • Classroom - Learn the basics about SendGrid and sending email. Find detailed information about building, delivering, sending, and tracking your email.
  • Glossary - Need to understand a term that we’ve used? Head to the Glossary to brush up on your email vocabulary.
There is a considerable amount of information in our Documentation. To help you navigate better, we've added a search feature for you to find information you need quickly.

Knowledge Base

SendGrid’s Knowledge Base is a repository for information that our Technical Support team has compiled after working with SendGrid customers and prospective customers. The Knowledge Base includes common questions and answers, as well as video tutorials, including:

Best Practice Guides

Our Support, Delivery, and Content teams have come together to create many different Email Best Practice Guides. From deliverability must-knows to technical product examples, our best practice guides will empower you to better manage your email. Some of our most useful and popular guides include:


The SendGrid Webcasts let you take a deep dive into a wide variety of email subjects with our delivery experts, technical account managers, and marketing gurus. Webcasts are available to watch on-demand after their live debut.

Pricing Page

Our Pricing Page breaks down the differences between all of our email plans to help you make the best decision for your organization. The pricing page includes information on all of SendGrid's plans, including: If you still need to talk to a human after looking for the answers to your questions on our website then please feel free to contact Technical Support.

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