Strategies for Using Verizon Media’s New View Time Optimization

May 01, 2020
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Kurt Diver
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Strategies for Using Verizon Media’s New View Time Optimization

Here at Twilio SendGrid, we are always looking at new ways to help senders improve email delivery and engagement. As a major deliverer of email, (we touch over half of the world’s unique email users on a rolling 90-day basis), we partner with major mailbox providers to stay informed on changes and discuss email industry trends. We have been working for months with one of our partners, Verizon Media Group (provider of Yahoo mail), to help pilot their new View Time Optimization (VTO) offering, and we’re excited to share that it is available through Twilio SendGrid.

What is View Time Optimization (VTO)?

View Time Optimization is a new capability offered by Verizon Media that delivers emails when users access their email account, placing senders’ emails at the top of Yahoo and AOL inboxes.

Based on Verizon Media’s research, senders that used VTO received 4x the open rate and 2x the click-through rates. VTO helps brands reach their subscribers more effectively, increasing the likelihood that users will discover and engage with an email at the top of their inbox.

How it works

Twilio SendGrid Expert Services has partnered with Verizon Media group to provide access to VTO. First, SendGrid Expert Services works with the sender to determine if their sending reputation and email volume qualifies them to utilize VTO. Once approved, they will be connected with Verizon Media to pay and provide a campaign identifier for Verizon Media to aggregate and apply the VTO treatment to the identified campaign. The customer can then send their email as normal.

Best practices for using VTO

While VTO can be utilized for a variety of email campaigns, we recommend enabling VTO for re-engagement, or win-back campaigns. Win-back campaigns are used to target increasingly less engaged recipient segments to determine what type of messages (if any) they’d like to receive from you.

By ensuring your emails get top placement with VTO, you can have confidence that the engagement you receive on your win-back campaign is accurate. If you still don’t get engagement from recipients after receiving top billing, it’s time to look closely at your sending practices for those recipients and consider removing them from those campaigns or your list entirely.

Contact us for more information

To learn more about how you can utilize VTO with your SendGrid sending or to get pricing and qualification requirements, contact the Twilio SendGrid Expert Services team.

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