SendGrid's Parse API: Parsing Incoming Email is Now Faster and Easier

SendGrid's Parse API: Parsing Incoming Email is Now Faster and Easier

What is SendGrid's Parse API?

Email from friends is interactive. It's a conversation and that's not always the case for commercial emails. Our customers are adding more back-and-forth to their campaigns with our Parse API, whose growth in the last year has nearly tripled. The Parse API lets your app accept incoming email, including attachments, and perform some operation on the content. With more customers taking advantage of that power, we decided to polish it up to work better and share more about how it can be used.


The Inbound Parse Webhook


Yesterday Swift (a SendGrid evangelist) and development shop thoughtbot held a webcast on using the Parse API in Ruby on Rails. They covered using an open source Ruby gem originally created by thoughtbot called Griddler. Swift also mentioned several Parse API success stories of how customers use it.


Who uses the Parse API?

New Parse API Upgrade

On Monday we released a significant upgrade to the Parse API. This all started with a fairly innocent feature request (well, ok, more of a defect report) for handling non-ascii filenames in attachments. After the changes for this were made and the system was reviewed for proper operations, we considered other ways to improve the Parse API. While debating how much time to spend on improving it was when we realized that in the past year Parse API usage had almost tripled. Given all that we decided to put some effort into the overall performance of this feature.

In the end we made improvements to the system that affect both our ability to monitor and support the Parse API, along with changes that will greatly improve its performance for customers. We made a number of changes to how messages from this system are viewed, which will allow us to better determine how large of a queue exists for a given domain. We also made changes to the throttling system for domains that are not responding, which will keep bad domains from dragging down the performance of good ones. These changes bring the Parse API closer to the level of our other features in terms of its performance for customers and our team's ability to support it.

Now is a pretty good time to get started with this free SendGrid feature. In addition to yesterday's informative webcast, Swift has a Griddler tutorial and you can find out more in our Parse API documentation.

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