Parse API: Oh, What You Can Do!

August 07, 2012
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Carly Brantz
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Parse API: Oh, What You Can Do!


SendGrid has a number of APIs that can easily integrate with your system and help you do amazingly simple things with your email streams. The Parse API is one of the most flexible tools you can use to simplify processes and create great email experiences for your customers.

Essentially, the Parse API allows you to parse the email bodies and attachments from incoming emails and post them to your web application. That means you can do things like:

  • Post blog articles via email
  • Process email replies and update your mailing list or database
  • Allow users to upload pictures to their profile via email
  • Submit support requests via email
  • Track changes in your data in real-time using custom code

To help spark your imagination, here are three examples of how some of our clients are using the Parse API to increase efficiencies.

  1. Vanilla used the Parse API to improve their payment processing so they could report on successful vs. failed payments, cancellations and refunds. With access to this information, they could track purchases and communicate more efficiently with their customer using the information they extracted from their payment gateway.
  2. Another company uses the Parse API to help employees easily update their expenses on the go. Instead of logging onto an expense tracking system, users can send an email of the items they purchased to a specific email address. The Parse API extracts this data and updates the system seamlessly.
  3. Turnkey Sports & Entertainment used the Parse API to create a tight integration with their closed system. Email communications sent to and from outside email clients can be logged to their system without users having to sign on. Using the Parse API, Turnkey Activator deploys an email to specified recipients whenever an action such as a new message, request or approval is initiated on an Activator “wall.” The user receiving the email can simply reply to the email, and that message is in turn logged as a thread of the original message.

Learn more about SendGrid's Parse API.

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