The Next Generation of Twilio for Marketers

October 27, 2021
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The Next Generation of Twilio for Marketers

We hope you were able to join us this past week at our annual customer and developer conference, SIGNAL. 

This year, we discussed one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. While understanding your customers is critical to a successful customer engagement strategy, information about those customers—what they browsed, when they bought, how they used your apps and websites, and more—is often siloed across dozens of software systems inside your company. 

Such fragmentation makes it difficult for marketers, in particular, as they try to leverage this data to build more personalized campaigns and drive deeper engagement and loyalty with customers.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce Twilio Engage, an omnichannel growth platform that empowers businesses to build and optimize hyper-personalized marketing campaigns. Powered by Segment’s Customer Data Platform and Twilio’s leading communications APIs (SendGrid Email API and Twilio Programmable Messaging), Twilio Engage is the newest innovation within Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform. While Twilio Engage is only in Pilot today, we see tremendous opportunity to deliver new, exciting value to our customers—specifically marketers.  

So you may be wondering, do we expect businesses to use SendGrid and Twilio Engage together? And if so, how?

To answer those questions, and more, we’d like to invite you to a webinar specifically tailored for the SendGrid Community on January 12th at 9 a.m. PST. There, a few of our product leaders will share more about Twilio SendGrid’s vision for marketers, including a sneak peek at our 2022 roadmap for SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, SendGrid Email API, and Twilio Engage.

While we’re still in the early days of this exciting journey for Twilio, SendGrid, and Segment, I can’t wait to see what our customers build with these new, innovative products. 

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