Introducing the SendGrid Guide to Email Infrastructure

July 27, 2012
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SendGrid Team
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Introducing the SendGrid Guide to Email Infrastructure

Here at SendGrid we’re obsessed with making sure businesses know that email delivery is a huge problem and what to do if your company faces a deliverability crisis. As part of this effort, we published our ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability but we felt there were more questions to be answered in the area of email infrastructure. As we discussed here and here, having a properly configured email infrastructure is the basis of a good sending reputation and your deliverability.  In fact, an infrastructure that is not setup correctly can get you blocked and or put on a deny list. Our newest guide covers all the essential topics:

• SMTP, MTA & IPs: The hard work of securing your infrastructure begins and ends with these acronyms • Bounce Handling:  know your codes and categories…or else • Feedback Loops:  Keeping complaints in check • Authentication:  Identify yourself.  It’s not hard, just do it • Lists White and Black:  Places you want to be and places you want to avoid.

Plus, we’ll help you stay up-to-date on industry terms with a comprehensive glossary for email infrastructure.  Take charge of your email program, download the guide today.

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