Exactly how and why do we share online content? That is what the New York Times and Latitude Research set out to discover in their 2011 study, “The Psychology of Sharing.”

Surprisingly, during their survey of 2,500 self-described “medium-to-heavy content sharers” they found that good, old fashion email continues to be the number one sharing tool. Yes, the younger you are the more likely you are to utilize Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or something similar as a communications tool, but email for the most part remains the most popular way users choose to share news.

David Kaplan, of paidcontent.org, put it perfectly, “…the study reminds the technological elite, despite appearances, not “everyone” is on Facebook, and Twitter is still mostly the province of media and tech people. Secondly, email is viewed as more secure and private and therefore more “personal.” As such, people tend to want to have a one-to-one conversation about news that moves them rather than a one-to-many. Social media, the study says, is all about “serendipity,” where a post can (get) lost in the shuffle of a Twitter or Facebook stream; but an email is something that definitely will get seen and therefore, produce a specific response.”

As the world gets more digitally connected, it is important for businesses not to over look the power of email. As the NYT’s study clearly points out, sharing and communications will continue to be the function of email. Get started with SendGrid today learn how you can simplify your email infrastructure.