The First Impression Email

March 21, 2014
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The First Impression Email

So the term "first impression email" may not be official or accepted industry-wide, BUT it is exactly what it sounds like! The first impression email is your first point of contact with your customer and it matters a lot. Your subscriber took the time to engage with you and should be rewarded with a thoughtful and inviting, warm welcome to your brand. Don't make them regret giving you their email address in the first place! (And by the way, make sure they actually gave you that address--see our list hygiene recommendations.)

Take the next 53 seconds to hear what Jillian, SendGrid's Manager of Content Marketing, has to say about the first impression email:

What does a great first impression email look like?

This confirmation email from Wanelo, an online marketplace, shares their excitement and gives a great list of action items for the new user.

Wanelo Welcome

Lush, a company that produces fresh, handmade cosmetics, welcomes subscribers to their newsletter with an appreciative thank-you and on-brand, vivid imagery that initializes what will hopefully be a long, prosperous relationship.

LUSH Welcome

 Impressive First Impression Email Attributes:

  • THOROUGH BRANDING: Both emails have the same look and feel as their websites, creating a fluid user experience.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Time and effort was put into the design of the email, proving to the recipient that they (and their inbox) are in good hands.
  • CREATIVE CONTENT: Go the extra mile and include some fun if you can! (For example, "Give someone you love a hug." Or  "Your inbox smells better already.")
  • SOCIAL BUTTONS: Both emails give the option for the user to engage even further with the company through social--Who doesn't want more followers?
Whether it's an account confirmation or a welcome to your newsletter, make that initial email encounter a great one!

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