The Email Ecosystem: From Start to Send

September 27, 2016
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The Email Ecosystem: From Start to Send

As we’ve worked with both marketers and developers, we’ve found that there are definitely different languages used by each group, but the end goal for both is the same – good delivery in a complicated email ecosystem. So we created the following infographic to provide both developers and email marketers with valuable email delivery information and tips.

how email works


Infographic Takeaways

Throughout the core steps of any email program, we believe it’s crucial to be thinking of the full email program lifecycle while you consider all of its equally important parts. Good delivery is a moving target and always deserves the same attention within each campaign. As per the wise Mr. Jones, “you may win some or lose some, but you always live to fight another day.”

Email delivery is more difficult than most would think, and there is a lot more “magic” behind each email message (aka SMTP conversation). We highlighted the basic steps for those that have always wondered what they were or were afraid to ask. Implement authentication methods prior to sending any messages and understand your reputation as a sender because this will be a large factor in whether your messages land in the spam folder, the inbox or if they get blocked. Review those metrics after each campaign and know what looks “good” for your business type. Not sure what is good for your business? Check out SendGrid’s Global Email Benchmark Report.

Review your marketing successes, review the areas for improvement, and take lessons from each campaign. Keep improving as you aim for that goal to send wanted mail that adds value to the relationship between you, the sender, and your recipient.

We know that every sender has their own reason for using email to grow their business and we love any opportunity to help those who are looking to get better. Feel free to set up an account to try us out or, if you’re a current user, feel free to reach out and we can keep the conversation going.

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