6 Email Content Best Practices for Your 2023 Marketing Campaign

6 Email Content Best Practices for Your 2023 Marketing Campaign

The new year is just around the corner, and there’s no better time than now to reflect on your company’s marketing strategy. But first, take a moment to celebrate your wins. What email content types drew the most engagement? Did you see an increase in online traffic and conversion rates? Which of your initiatives were most successful, and why? Then, create an email content plan that builds on your successes and leads to magnified results. Lastly, consider how innovative email content management solutions might establish more meaningful customer connections, expand your reach, and accelerate business growth. 

Here, we’ll explore the following topics to help you strategize:
  • Why email marketing is necessary for 2023
  • What the different email content types are with examples 
  • What the email content best practices and trends are
  • How Twilio SendGrid can improve your email campaign 

Why email marketing in 2023?

Email marketing maintains consistent communication and encourages long-term digital relationships. And while you can certainly achieve these results with similar forms of marketing, emails are easily tailored to customers’ needs and automated so that a campaign practically runs itself.

For example, you can promote new products, advertise exclusive promotions and discounts, collect customer feedback, or send greetings to new subscribers. And depending on your target audience and marketing goals, there are countless email content ideas available. Billions of email users check their inboxes regularly, so your effort in crafting a unique and engaging email marketing strategy won’t go to waste.

5 types of email content and inspiring examples 

Need examples to inspire your email content plan? Here are some common use cases to consider as you plan ahead:

1. Seasonal promotion emails 

Every holiday presents an opportunity for businesses to bolster sales. To heighten awareness of an upcoming sale or product launch, send a special promotion email that fosters anticipation and excitement. You want to encourage customers to explore your website for more details.

2. Loyalty program emails

Incentivizing people with exclusive discounts, points, or personalized rewards is an effective way to secure repeat customers and maximize retention. A loyalty program email adds deeper value to your offerings and solidifies brand trust—whether you remind members of points earned or send a free product coupon. 

3. Abandoned cart reminder email

When customers are stuck in their shopping journey, it pays to send them a small nudge. A reminder email often rekindles interest and streamlines the shopping experience, leading to a successful purchase.

4. Weekly newsletter emails

If you have ample email content ideas, a weekly newsletter keeps subscribers updated with deeper insights and stories related to their interests. But keep newsletter emails short, direct, and bite-sized, displaying just enough information for customers to stay informed but not overwhelmed.

5. Welcome emails 

Whether a customer has signed up for a newsletter, demo, or service, companies must acknowledge their actions through a simple welcome email. Seize this opportunity to demonstrate your brand voice, showing a special—and transparent—glimpse of your company to prospective customers.

Email content best practices and trends 

With so many companies filling customers’ inboxes, setting your email content apart can be challenging. That’s why it’s essential to develop effective techniques that give you an edge—and make your interactions memorable. 

Below are 6 email content best practices to use for your marketing strategy: 

1. Plan ahead with an email marketing calendar 

With email content management, creating a plan is always a good first step. You want to create a consistent schedule and build enough trust that customers know when and what to expect from you. 

Using an email marketing calendar is a powerful way to envision the big picture for your audience. You can organize your posts in one convenient location while including important factors like deadlines, send times, email lists, and goals. 

2. Use an email template 

Email templates provide visual appeal to your email, so you can focus more on formulating original and unique email content ideas. All you have to do is plug in your words and determine the best fit, saving you time and allowing you to tackle other marketing tasks more efficiently. 

If you’re just getting started on creating engaging email content types, check out SendGrid’s free template library.

3. Humanize your brand with storytelling 

Your messaging becomes significantly more impactful when you personalize your emails. It can be as simple as referring to a recipient by name, mentioning their shopping history briefly, or tweaking your content based on demographics. 

Personalization demonstrates that you truly understand and care about your recipientsand your business consists of real people with real solutions. So don’t be afraid to do a bit of storytelling, no matter how brief it may be. The human touch can go a long way. 

4. Edit for clarity and brevity 

Less is more rings true in the world of email marketing. No user wants to open an email and scroll through large bodies of text as if wading through a long-form blog post. Your emails will fare better if clear and succinct.  

So when proofreading your email drafts, actively look for ways to simplify sentences or shorten lengthy paragraphs. Your audience should be able to skim through the content and get the information they need. 

5. Include interactive elements 

What’s an effective marketing email without its interactive elements? From still images, icons, and buttons to animated stickers and GIFs, visuals can greatly enhance your email quality and add more personality to your brand. 

Consider adding a slideshow that swaps images on hover, or a striking call to action (CTA) that changes color and font. And if you don’t want to include too many images, embedding a customer survey and linking to other articles can be fun alternatives.     

Want to take your email content types to the next level by adding fun, attention-grabbing interactive elements? Read our article: 13 Types of Email Content Ideas to Amp Up Your Engagement

6. Strengthen your CTAs with A/B testing

A CTA is pivotal in driving traffic and conversion—and arguably one of the most important parts of an email. Equally important, A/B testing allows you to experiment with different email content ideas and identify which are higher performing. Seemingly small features like external links, wording, and even timing can affect whether a person decides they want to stick around. 

After analyzing customer data, think about how or why a certain CTA appeals to users. Then, continue improving your call buttons and email closers to optimize customer engagement. 

Improve your email campaigns with Twilio SendGrid

While email content best practices provide useful insights to integrate into your 2023 strategy, Twilio SendGrid’s robust, all-in-one email marketing platform can bring your email campaigns to life. Automate tasks, maximize deliverability rates, and streamline your workflow. 

With the time saved and results improved, you and your team can focus on creating effective email content for your customers. So whether you want to deliver a high volume of emails at scale or improve your delivery and open rate, we have the tools and support you need to thrive. 

Ready to transform your email content plan? Get in touch with our experts today.

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