7 AI Email Assistants That'll Be Your Best Friends in 2023

October 02, 2023
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7 AI Email Assistants That'll Be Your Best Friends in 2023

In a modern, fast-paced digital landscape, email communication remains vital to professional and personal interactions. Yet, as inboxes overflow, managing emails efficiently can become overwhelming. This is where the power of AI email assistants comes into play, revolutionizing how we handle email correspondence.

Here, we’ll explain what AI email assistants are and give you seven top-notch examples to consider for your business in 2023.

What are AI email assistants?

An email AI assistant is a tool that uses generative AI technology to bring order and higher performance to your emails. Thanks to advancements in machine learning and natural language processing, the best AI email assistants understand your messages at a more profound level than even your comprehension allows.

For example, let’s say that you exchange emails with a long-time client. You can remember some key details about the client, such as the fact that they like to vacation in the Caribbean and rarely respond to emails on weekends. But an AI email assistant can analyze all the communications you’ve had with this client, identifying key details and detecting patterns, such as:
  • The preferred tone for communications with this client
  • The preferred vernacular for this client
  • The best days and times to get a response
  • The client’s most common questions or concerns
All this data is available on demand. So when you’re ready to compose a new email to the client, you just enter a few details about the message’s purpose, and the AI assistant creates an email tailored to the recipient. Some email AI assistants can even leverage insights to automatically respond to certain clients.

Other AI tools can notify you of priority emails so you can search your inbox more effectively. Even the busiest of inboxes can be streamlined with the right AI email assistants.

Improve your efficiency and results with AI

It takes time, effort, and skill to write effectively and impactfully. And thanks to an AI assistant, you can invest less time in your work and get better results

An email AI assistant provides the precision and customization, including style, tone, and branding, essential to your messaging for increased personalization

Of course, AI can do a lot more than just craft an impressive message. It can also run A/B tests, gather data, and refine your strategies, benefiting you with higher click-through rates and conversions.

But remember, even the best AI email assistants will sometimes produce errors or omit a key detail, so it’s crucial to review your AI assistant’s work.

7 best options for an AI email assistant in marketing

Let’s review some of the AI tools to consider in 2023. Some won’t be a match for your needs, but there are undoubtedly some options here that can improve your performance in a short period.

1. Encharge.io

Subject lines are a crucial element of a successful email because even the  best body copy and compelling call to action won’t get noticed if the subject line doesn’t prompt a click. Encharge.io’s free AI email assistant elevates your results by generating multiple options with different highlights and focuses.

Using the simple form field, you enter your email topic, the name of your brand or product, and your preferred tone. Within seconds, this subject line assistant gives you a list of options.

2. Plicca

When your enhanced subject lines begin to generate a surge of inbound emails, it’s crucial to have an efficient inbox organizer. Plicca meets this need by prioritizing your inbound messages, then alerting you when there are unread messages. This reduces daily distractions and improves search ability.

This email assistant AI tool offers a week-long trial period. After that, you have the option of spending $15 a month for a basic level or $80 a month for the upgraded plan.

3. Seventh Sense

Email isn’t just about inbound messages, and Seventh Sense optimizes the timing for messages sent to your audience. Rather than using universal send times for your campaigns, it evaluates user behavior and sends messages when your recipients are most likely to engage. You also get split-testing automation and advanced metrics for your email campaigns.

Plans start at $64 a month, which is on the steeper side for email assistant AI. The investment could be worth it if you’re not getting the desired results with your current approach.

4. Boomerang

Another email scheduler, Boomerang adds an integrated meeting scheduling component that can bring more efficiency to your workdays. With Boomerang, you can handle dialogue and scheduling within your email rather than bouncing between multiple windows.

All of Boomerang's plans come with a free 30-day trial. To use it long term, transition to the free basic plan that includes 10 monthly messaging credits or upgrade to the next level for unlimited messaging for less than $5 a month.

5. Lyne.ai

The generic content of cold email outreach often bores (or even repels) people. Lyne.ai remedies this issue by personalizing your cold emails at scale. This free AI email assistant scans LinkedIn and other sources for personal details, then tailors emails for each of your contacts.

While the basic plan has no monthly fee, you’ll need to pay for credits. This pay-as-you-go approach is a bargain for organizations with low email volume. But if your output is larger, consider the upgraded plan that starts around $20 a month.

6. Reply.io

If you want an AI email composer that responds to inbound messages, consider the aptly named Reply.io. This ghostwriter AI email assistant can boost productivity teamwide while delivering better response rates.

Start with the 14-day free trial to see if Reply.io is compatible with your goals and processes. The 200-credit plan is free, but if you have more substantial needs, there’s a 1,000-credit plan that costs $60 a month.

7. Rasa.io

For a newsletter-specific ghostwriter AI email assistant, check out Rasa.io. By extracting user behavior data, this tool customizes the articles and content sent to individual subscribers. So instead of feeling like they’re getting a one-size-fits-all newsletter, recipients will engage with curated content. Rasa.io claims to deliver 97% retention rates.

Use the free trial period to test out this tool’s key features. If it provides the solutions you want, monthly plans start at $29.

Get expert support from Twilio SendGrid

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