The software engineers at SendGrid have been very busy recently, as evidenced by the host of new features that have been added to our market-leading email delivery platform, including improvements to our security, deliverability, and email sending capabilities.

While 2014 is coming to a close, and many out there are slowing down and getting into the holiday spirit by giving gifts, going to parties, and taking vacation, our team is still cranking! I’m pleased to announce yet another update to our platform: Automated IP Pooling. 

Our new IP Pooling API endpoints will allow you to create unique IP Pools and associate your dedicated IPs with those IP Pools. Once configured, SendGrid will automatically segment your email traffic through those IP Pools. To do so, just make an email request to SendGrid via an API request and reference the IP Pool you’d like to send mail through. By including a valid IP Pool name in your X-SMTP API header SendGrid will route those requests through that pool’s associated dedicated IP(s).

In order to take advantage of our Automated IP Pooling you must have at least 2 dedicated IP addresses allocated to your account. If you need additional IPs to take advantage of IP Pooling, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can provide one to you!

Why should you set up separate IP pools to segment your email traffic? Sounds like a lot of work, right?

Many companies send more than one type of email communication to their recipients (transactional, promotional, retention, newsletter, etc.), a best practice is to route different email types via separate IP addresses. This practice will serve to provide better email engagement metric tracking, as well as improving deliverability and engagement rates for each email use case.

Co-mingling transactional and marketing email related traffic on the same IP address, for example, can often lead to lower deliverability rates for transactional-related email which is typically email that subscribers want to receive.

To learn how you can set up the IP Pooling feature for your account, please visit the SendGrid Documentation page. Of course, you can always contact the SendGrid support team for personalized assistance with this feature.

Happy Holidays from the SendGrid Product team!

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