With SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, you will be able to add contacts, create segments, create and send campaigns, view your stats, and so much more.

Marketing Campaigns features and video tutorials

Getting started with Marketing Campaigns

Get started creating and sending your campaign to modify content, choose which lists to send to, add a suppression group, add categories for stats tracking, and then send right away, or schedule your email to send at another time.

Sender identities

Sender Identities - Add your sender identity in the sender management section. The sender identity contains the from name, from email address, reply-to email address, and physical address associated with your Marketing Campaign.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields - Set up your custom fields so that you can upload contact-specific data, automatically generate substitution tags for your emails, and segment your contacts.


Contacts - Create a list by giving us a name, or select a list to update, and then upload your CSV file. We’ll load in all the data, automatically add contacts to pre-created segments, and merge updated custom field data to existing contacts.

Lists and segments

Lists and Segments - View your lists, create new lists, and add new lists to your account. You can also create segments, which will automatically update when you add new contacts to your contacts database.

Learn how to manage multiple lists of contacts.

Learn how to segment your contacts.

Email templates

Email Templates - Copy and paste your preferred email template HTML into our template builder and then save it. When you’re ready to create a campaign, we’ll have your template ready to go with a thumbnail so you can identify and select it quickly and easily.

A/B testing

A/B Test Your Campaign - While creating your campaign, turn on A/B testing for multiple versions of your campaign and send the best performing version to your recipients.

Designing your campaign

Design Editor - Use our Design editor to swiftly build out your campaign content with predefined modules. Edit individual modules easily in the style sidebar, and reorder modules with a simple drag of your mouse.

Learn how to add Button, Columns, and Code Modules using the Design Editor.

Learn how to add Image and Text Modules using the Design Editor.

Learn how to add Spacer, Divider, and Social Modules using the Design Editor.

Code Editor - Use our Code editor to swiftly build out your campaign content in HTML.

Unsubscribe groups

Unsubscribe Groups - Create Unsubscribe Groups and learn how to let recipients manage their unsubcribe preferences.

Marketing Campaigns dashboard

Marketing Campaigns Dashboard - Your dashboard will give you aggregate stats for your SendGrid Marketing Campaigns account.

Marketing Campaigns FAQ

If you have more questions, please check out our Marketing Campaigns FAQ.

Marketing Campaigns APIs

Contact Database API - Create, manage, and segment your email lists via our Contacts API.

Campaigns API - Build and send Marketing Campaigns via our Campaigns API.