We recently announced our participation in the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as the first non-native email solution available to Google App Engine customers. Now in response to feedback from the community, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our Google Cloud Platform partnership to include sending email from Google Compute Engine VMs using SendGrid.

To provide this additional Compute Engine offering, Google has created a simple step-by-step tutorial including links to Google Cloud Platform partner pricing and our documentation.

This partnership expansion to include Google Compute Engine will allow developers to set up email instances to send mail through ports 587 and 465 using servers provided through SendGrid.

Some of the benefits for Google Compute Engine customers include:

  • A free tier for Google Compute Engine customers that includes 25,000 transactional email messages per month

  • Ability to send emails from addresses other than @gmail.com

  • No daily limit on the number of transactional email messages

With SendGrid as a Google Cloud Platform Partner, Google App Engine and now Google Compute Engine developers won’t have to worry about signing of email with domain keys, bounced emails, deny lists, ISP outreach, or reputation monitoring to ensure mail reaches the inbox. And Google Compute Engine developers will now have access to SendGrid’s real-time analytics and reporting including Web, Sub-User, Inbound Parse and Event APIs, all powered by the same infrastructure that powers Google services.

Google Compute Engine developers can now get started with SendGrid’s leading email deliverability infrastructure and can build web apps on the same scalable systems that power Google applications. And just like Google App Engine Customers, Google Compute Engine customers can now sign up for SendGrid to receive lots of emails per month for free.

Get started with Google’s Compute Engine tutorial now to easily integrate SendGrid into your applications. https://developers.google.com/compute/docs/sending-mail

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