Transactional Email

Transactional email delivery that is scalable, reliable and easy to implement.

Whether you're developing apps for the web or mobile environments, you need an effective way to communicate with your customers. Email remains the most powerful form of customer communication, but building and maintaining your own SMTP infrastructure can be resource intensive and costly. Let SendGrid eliminate the cost and complexity of maintaining your own infrastructure so you can focus on developing the next great app!


Easy to Integrate

Simple SMTP setup plus flexible Web and SMTP APIs to customize your integration approach.

  • Support for multiple development frameworks including CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Django, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, and more.
  • Inbound Parse Webhook to extract inbound email content and post it to your web application.
  • Powerful Web API provides ability to customize workflows and integrate with SendGrid’s leading transactional email delivery platform.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Flexible, intuitive user interface provides easy access to any part of the SendGrid platform.

  • Entire feature set is available to non-technical users through the UI, creating parity with Web API. Web API parity provides non-technical users with access to all features of the SendGrid platform.
  • Wizardless interface enables flexible email creation and sending process to match any workflow.
  • Actionable and easy to understand Customer Dashboard provides insight into recent email activity.

Advanced IP and User Management

Easily create and manage account users, sub-users, and associated IP addresses.

  • Streamlined and intuitive user creation process.
  • Flexible sub-user management provides ability to seamlessly navigate between parent and any sub-user accounts.
  • Simple account and sub-user account IP management including IP allocation, whitelabeling, and mail throttling capabilities.

Customized Whitelabeling

Advanced whitelabeling provides ability to customize sending domains, links, and IP addresses.

  • Domain and link customization available to all customers, even those sending from shared IP pools.
  • Custom SPF and DKIM record creation to eliminate domain spoofing and phishing emails being sent from your domain.
  • Easily create and manage IP addresses associated with parent and sub-domain accounts.

Easy Template Editing

Integrated transactional templates enables marketers and designers to easily manage and update email templates without developer support and additional overhead.

  • Easily edit transactional email template code with CSS and HTML.
  • Preview multiple device layouts with the responsive editor.
  • Template editor API for customized implementation.

Manage Email Suppression and Unsubscribe Groups

Improve engagement with your recipients with suppression list management and unsubscribe groups — providing ability for recipients to select the email they want to receive.

  • Create email groups that represent all types of email you regularly send to your recipients, for example receipts, social notifications, and account alerts.
  • Download CSV file for additional analysis.
  • Suppression management API provides ability to customize unsubscribes, unsubscribe groups, and global unsubscribes

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Gain powerful insight into the performance of your transactional email via the SendGrid Customer Portal, Statistics Dashboard, and Event Webhook.

  • Real-time visibility into all campaign and user activity statistics.
  • Dashboard and API access to account history since inception—no time limitation.
  • Advanced statistics including activity by device, ISP, geolocation, sub-user, mail category, email client, and more.

iPhone and iPad Mobile Application

Mobile access to your SendGrid account allows you to monitor your email activity, manage suppression lists, and troubleshoot mission-critical email delivery while on the go.

  • View and search real-time delivery metrics
  • Manage unsubscribe/suppression lists.
  • Export .csv files and share reports via email.

100,000 Customers Can’t Be Wrong! Here is What One Has to Say:

“We’re now enjoying email delivery rates of 96% and have saved thousands of dollars in engineering resources. Email deliverability is no longer something we have to worry about, but rather a manageable metric that we can proactively control as we grow our email program.”


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