As a leading communication platform, we at SendGrid are committed to offering new and innovative ways for our clients to reach their customers. By taking our expertise at delivering email and expanding that functionality into all forms of mail, we are proud to announce an exciting new API:


With this API, customers will now have the ability to send their mail via our new Carry Pigeon Endpoint. With a simple integration, our clients can rest easy knowing their pigeon mail will enjoy the same reliable deliverability rates they are accustomed to with email. We are proud to report that SendGrid pigeons have achieved 99.99% uptime, in the air, with a deliverability rate of 98.46% in zones without power lines.

Beta begins April 1st, 2016. Sign up now and receive our code libraries for quick and simple integration. The following code will be emailed directly to you:

  •       Java
  •       Go
  •       Ruby

Unfortunately, we cannot support a Python library at this time, as the pigeons hold an irrational fear of being consumed.

Sign up for the new Application Pigeon Interface today and take your mail to new heights.

*No pigeons were harmed in the creation of this service.

**Pursuant to April 1st laws, SendGrid reserves the right to announce fake services with the sole purpose of eliciting no fewer than three chuckles per view of stated announcement. Viewer reserves the right to cancel any laughter, chuckle, or giggle at any time, with or without written or verbal notice. Terms of announcement shall begin on April 1st, 2016 and continue for the following 24 hours, at which point the announced service shall become null and void.

Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan is SendGrid’s Chief Product Officer where is he is responsible for leading product strategy, UI/UX, and the development of SendGrid’s product roadmap. Prior to joining SendGrid, Steve led Marketo's global product organization including engineering, product management, UI/UX, developer evangelism and data center operations. Previously, Steve worked at Amazon, where he led product management for one of AWS’s emerging services and helped open the Silicon Valley development center.