New SendGrid Pricing and Plans. New Plan Names, More Functionality, Same Low Price.

New SendGrid Pricing and Plans. New Plan Names, More Functionality, Same Low Price.


It’s been almost 4 years since we launched our current pricing structure and while it has become the industry standard model for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, in order to make it even easier for our customers to scale, we have decided to make a couple of adjustments. We’re excited to announce that effective today, we are rolling out the exciting new changes outlined below. For current customers, don’t worry, our current plan pricing hasn’t changed (up or down) and there is no action you are required to take.

So what are the changes we’ve made?

Plan Names:

We removed reference to the precious metal plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and have introduced our new Essentials and Pro plan structure, followed by the number of emails that are included as part of each plan. In addition, we have re-branded all our high volume plans under a new Premier plan name. Here is an example of what this new construct looks like:

SendGrid pricingPlan Translation Guide:

SendGrid pricing plan explained

Additional notes:

1 – All Essentials plan users (40,000 and 100,000 email per month plans) will have access to the same set of features, just with different volume thresholds. The same is true for Pro plan users with 100,000, 300,000, and 700,000 email volume limits.

2 – For existing customers, it’s status quo. Nothing regarding the current plan will change (other than the name) and monthly bills will continue to reflect this plan. Existing customers will have the opportunity to upgrade/migrate to one of these new plans within the new SendGrid Customer Portal. For customers who are pleased with their current plan, no action is required.

New Essentials 100,000 Plan:

In an effort to help our current Bronze customers scale, and to bridge the gap between the current Bronze and Silver plan email volumes, we are proud to introduce our new Essentials 100,000 plan. This new plan has all the same features as its Bronze predecessor, but now includes up to 100,000 emails per month. It’s also competitively priced at only $19.95/month. Existing customers who wish to upgrade to this new plan may do so within the SendGrid Customer Portal.

Free Plan:

To date, Free plan users have had the ability to send up to 12,000 emails per month, or 400 emails per day. While the purpose of our Free plan is to allow integration and testing of our mail platform, (apps, APIs, analytics, etc.) many of our Free plan customers have requested the ability to send more than 400 emails per day.

Our development teams have been hard at work on this and I’m pleased to let any NEW and EXISTING Free plan customers know that we have removed the 400 email per day cap. To maintain deliverability, outbound mail for Free plan customers will be subject to a new set of monitoring and throttling algorithms.

In sum, we have been listening to customer and prospect feedback and are pleased to provide not only a host of new plan options, but also greater value within these plans. These pricing updates are reflected on our pricing page as well as within the new SendGrid Customer Portal.

Thanks again to all our customers for your continued support and business. We hope you appreciate these pricing, plan, and feature updates!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support or sales teams.

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