Email Design

Marketing Campaigns was built with marketers in mind, focusing on flexible, simple tools that make it easier than ever to design beautiful and responsive campaigns. From the editors, to the templates, to the workflow, you are in the driver’s seat.

Import Build

Import or Build

It's easy to get started building your next email campaign. You can select a template that you’ve already uploaded, choose from SendGrid's pre-built, responsive templates, or paste in your own HTML.
Transition Design Code

Transition from Design to Code

Marketing Campaigns allows you to easily toggle between the appearance of your email marketing messages to the code behind the scenes - making it easier than ever to edit content, regardless of technical know-how.
Drag Drop Editor

Drag & Drop Editor

Create your email marketing template by dragging and dropping content modules into any order you choose. You can then edit the content, font, and colors to look exactly as you want. The editor builds each module to be responsive so that your email will appear professional and legible across different device sizes, from desktop to mobile.
Module Library

Module Library

The drag & drop editor’s module library includes images, text blocks, columns, buttons, and more to simplify the process of designing and building responsive campaigns without developer aid.
Responsive Layouts

Responsive Layouts

The Marketing Campaigns template library comes pre-populated with several professional, responsive template layouts. All layouts are built using the drag & drop editor to make the customization of fonts, color, and layout simple and responsive across all devices.
Substitution Tages

Substitution Tags

Marketing Campaigns includes custom fields that can be used as substitution tags to personalize email content and drive more engagement. Simply copy the substitution tags into the email campaign body to include user-specific details.
Applying Styles

Applying Styles

The drag & drop editor allows you to edit both global and module styles easily. You can change colors and fonts to match your brand guidelines with just a few clicks, then edit or update links, logos, and images within the toolbar.

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