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Strava is the premier social fitness app that tracks running and cycling activities so that you can keep record of runs and bike rides, compete with friends and other users, and see what your favorite athletes are doing. They began sending transactional email through SendGrid in 2011. Since then, they’ve scaled exponentially, and they continue to use SendGrid’s cloud platform to communicate with their users about different Strava Features. Learn more about Strava’s email program, their Email Marketing Manager, and the specific emails they send through SendGrid by downloading the Strava Case Study above. — Justin Fritz

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How to Warm Up an IP

Have a new IP address and are unsure of why…or how you you should warm up your IP? This video will explain the ins and outs, so you can start off on the right foot.

Anatomy of a Marketing Email

When you think of what goes into a marketing email, what comes to mind? A subject line? Maybe a call to action (CTA)? What about a pre-header? Or a footer that includes your physical address?

A surprising amount of different content pieces come together to create a marketing email. The best plan of attack to ensure all your bases are covered is to know exactly what you’re going to need for a campaign ahead of time.

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Interactive Email Deliverability Guide

Interactive Deliverability Guide

Reaching the inbox is never guaranteed. In this interactive Email Deliverability Guide, through a mix of quizzes, visuals, and checklists, our experts share their top tips on navigating the email landscape. You’ll walk away with key steps you can take right now to improve your deliverability and the overall health of your email program.